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Frequently Asked Questions - NSW Residents



I am a NSW resident and have a preference for a school other than my designated school.

NSW students seeking enrolment in Kindergarten to Year 12 are guaranteed a place at a designated school. Where there are compelling exceptional circumstances based on student wellbeing, NSW applicants can be considered at non-NSW pathway schools.

As a first step you must apply to your designated NSW Pathway School. You are encouraged to then contact the pathway school directly to discuss with the principal your child’s circumstances and why you believe that the pathway school is not the best option.

I already have a child enrolled in a school that is not a designated school and I want my other child to attend the same school, can I still do this?

ACT public schools are categorised as either Category A or Category B, according to whether they have capacity to enrol students from outside their Priority Enrolment Area.

Category A schools are unable to enrol NSW-based siblings of current students.

Category B schools may only consider NSW-based siblings of concurrent students after meeting the needs of ACT applicants.

For further information go to Enrolling in Kindergarten To Year 12

My child currently attends a non-designated school in the ACT. Will they have to enrol at a designated school when they transition from primary school to high school or from high school to College?


Now my child has a ‘guaranteed’ place at a designated ACT public school, do I need to submit a further application for their transition to high school/college?


If I move from my current residence (in NSW) to another area in NSW, will my child continue at their current ACT public school?

Yes, your child can continue attending their current school. You will also have the option of moving your child to another NSW pathway school, should you wish. Should you seek to enrol your child in a further stage of schooling (high school or college) then the NSW pathways options will apply.

I live in NSW which preschool can I enrol at?NSW students will be allocated to their pathway preschool. Those with concurrent siblings may be enrolled at a non-pathway school if there is capacity after all ACT applicants have been placed.