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Frequently Asked Questions – Preschool


Will I get the preschool of my first preference?

All four year old ACT children are guaranteed a place in a public preschool. However, you are not guaranteed a place at the preschool site of your preference, due to capacity constraints at some sites.

Preschool places are not allocated on a first come first served basis. First consideration is given to exceptional circumstances based on student wellbeing, then to siblings of students concurrently enrolled in the primary school. The Directorate then prioritises applicants living within the Priority Enrolment Area of the primary school, up to the limits of capacity. All children are found a place and all preschools offer a high-quality early childhood education.

Who can I call to confirm that my application has been received?

You should contact the preschool to which you applied in the first instance.

I’ve just realised I made an error on the enrolment application form I submitted. What should I do?

If you have submitted a form with errors on it, in the first instance you should contact the preschool that was your first preference. You may be asked to submit a new form.

Why is proof of residential address required when I enrol my child for preschool?

Your entitlement to enrolment in an ACT public preschool is determined from the address you gave on the enrolment form.

What if my child doesn’t live with me or lives part time with me and part time with their other parent?

You will be asked to provide proof that your child lives where you say they live. Your school will guide you on acceptable documentation.

Your child’s local school is determined by your child’s usual place of residence. If your child spends time between households, then they will be eligible to enrol at the local school for either address, unless there are court orders to the contrary.

Should there be disagreement between parents/carers as to which school a child should attend, it is a matter for the parents/carers to resolve. If a child is already enrolled at a school, then the child will be allowed to stay at that school until the school is directed otherwise by agreement of both parents or through a legal document such as a court order.

Does my child have to change preschool if we move house?

No, your child can continue at their current preschool. However, if you wish to move your child to another preschool, acceptance of your application will be subject to that preschool having capacity.

If you wish to transfer your child’s enrolment from one school to another you will need to submit an Online Enrolment Form external link.

My child is attending preschool this year. Do I have to submit an online enrolment application for them to attend Kindergarten next year?

In most cases, preschoolers will be automatically enrolled into Kindergarten for the following year at their current school.

However, in a few cases families were notified by letter or email that, due to limited capacity, the school would be unable to offer a Kindergarten place in the following year.

If you received a letter or email like this from your school at the beginning of the year, then you will need to complete a new enrolment form for your child for Kindergarten. Please check with your current school if you are unsure what to do.

I live in NSW. Which preschool can I enrol at?NSW students will be allocated to their pathway preschool. Those with concurrent siblings may be enrolled at a non-pathway school if there is capacity after all ACT applicants have been placed.