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NSW Resident Enrolments

NSW Students Enroling in Canberra Public Schools

The ACT Government has over many years provided education services to NSW residents in the region surrounding the ACT. This long standing commitment is part of the current ACT-NSW Memorandum of Understanding for Regional Collaboration.

To maintain our commitment to families in the ACT surrounding region, and to provide greater certainty to cross-border families, new arrangements have been put in place for enrolments for 2018 onwards. The ACT Government has worked with the NSW Government to ensure these new arrangements provide a number of viable options for NSW families.

NSW families wishing to enrol in a Canberra Public School will now be offered a place at a selection of schools in either a southern or a northern zone in the ACT.

When you enrol in the Canberra Public School system you will be given a clear pathway through all stages of schooling including primary, secondary and senior (college). While the pathway schools may change in the future, once a student is enroled on a pathway they will be guaranteed a place in the school pathway identified at initial enrolment.

A northside and a southside zone have been identified, with a number of schools in each zone selected as NSW pathway schools.

Click here to see which zone your suburb falls into: NSW Pathway Zones pdf icon (97kb)

More information regarding enrolment pathways for this year will be available shortly. For general information about enrolments, visit the Enrolling in a Public School page; or for more information about pathway schools, click the links below.

NSW students who enrolled on a NSW pathway in 2019 are guaranteed that pathway regardless of changes to pathway schools in 2020.