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Priority Enrolment Area (PEA)

ACT K-12 students living within a Priority Enrolment Area (PEA) of a school are guaranteed a place at that school regardless of when they apply. PEA is determined by your residential address. You can check if you have priority enrolment at this school by viewing the ACT Schools Map on the ACTmapi website. If a school has capacity after enrolling students from its PEA, it may offer enrolment to ACT students who live outside the PEA. Certain schools, including Early Childhood Schools; Telopea Park School (Primary) and Specialist Schools do not have PEAs.

Answers to frequently asked questions about PEAs can be found at FAQ on Priority Enrolment Areas page.

1. PEAs for ACT Public Schools

Find Schools and PEAs via the ACT Schools Map

An interactive map of the 2019 PEAs, where you can search for a school by home address and school name, is available at ACT Schools Map. Alternatively, you look up PEAs by suburb or by school below.

Open ACT Schools Map

View the Schools List by Suburb

To find the primary, high school and college for each suburb refer to the following tables.

Note: Some suburbs are split across more than one PEA. The PEA of each school can be found via the interactive map noted above.

Find PEAs for Specific Schools

Information for NSW Residents Enrolling in ACT Public Schools

NSW families seeking to enrol in ACT Public Schools will be offered a place at a pathway school. For information, refer to NSW Resident Enrolments page.

2. Review of PEAs

PEAs are reviewed annually to balance expected enrolments and school capacities. Generally PEAs are unchanged from year to year. Proposed PEA changes and final PEA changes are notified on this page.

2.1. PEA Changes Made in 2018

A summary of PEA changes can be found at

2.2. Proposed PEA Changes under Consideration

Future proposals for changes to PEAs will be made available here. There are no proposals at this time.

3. Assistance

If you require further information about PEAs contact the ACT Education Directorate.