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Find Your Local School (Priority Enrolment Area K-12)

Use the ACT Schools Map below to search by home address or by school name to confirm your local school.

ACT Schools Map

Alternatively, you can check the PEA by suburb or school level. Please note that some suburbs are split across more than one PEA.

PEA boundaries are reviewed annually to balance expected enrolments and school capacities. If any changes are proposed, they will be listed on this page to allow for public comment.

For enrolments from the start of 2019, the suburb of Casey is a temporary shared zone for P-6 enrolments at Gold Creek (P-6) and Margaret Hendry School. This arrangement is due to be reviewed and notified on the PEA page of the Directorate’s website by 2022.

There have been no changes made to PEA boundaries for the 2020 enrolment intake.

If you are seeking to enrol your child out of area, the online form will let you nominate up to three schools in order of preference. The application will be sent automatically to the school listed as your first choice and schools will manage the application from there. You do not have to complete a separate form for each school of preference. Note that if you submit more than one form for the same student, the system will cancel all previous applications for that student.

For Assistance

If you require further information about PEAs contact the Education Directorate on (02) 6205 5429 or through the Contact Us Form.

Frequently Asked Questions – Kindergarten to Year 12