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Personal Electronic Device

Our students can bring their own device to school and access our high-speed filtered wireless internet, available in all ACT Public Schools.

Using the same SchoolsNET username and password, our students can be connected on their own personal device of choice. This makes learning more personalised for them and is always accessible wherever they are.

How and Why are Personal Electronic Devices Used?

Connecting — Students bring their own devices to school for educational purposes to access software, the internet and the Directorate’s network via Wi-Fi.

Learning — Use of personal devices help provide a student-centred, personalised learning experience for students.

Transitioning — Student learning is flexible, moving between the home and school smoothly. Students want to bring their own devices to school and are often experts in how to use them.

Teaching — Teachers will collaborate with their students and use personal devices as tools that develop student information and communication technology literacy skills—seeking, analysing, evaluating, problem solving, decision making, presenting and communicating.

Personal Electronic Device

Personal Electronic Device (PED) Policy

The Directorate has a policy on personal electronic devices in schools. To access this policy, see our Policies and Publications page.

Equity of Access

ACT Public Schools provide students with equitable access to ICT for learning. Schools have devices and ICT equipment available for students to use at school.

Advice for Parents

Schools are responsible for their timing and approach to implement a personal device policy for students. We encourage parents to engage with their child's school regarding:

Through effective engagement and consultation, consistent expectations can be developed on the use of devices for learning between home and school.

Device Requirements

Device requirements and recommendations are established by the school in partnership and consultation with their parent community. The two requirements which will be consistent for every ACT Public School on the use of personal devices is that the device:

Check with the device supplier and your school to ensure the device meets our network requirements.

SchoolsNET wireless network (device requirements)


The Horizon Report is a global research consortium that identifies and describes key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies likely to have a large impact over the coming five years in education around the globe. This report is a key document for the technology and learning roadmap of all education jurisdictions worldwide. The most recent 2014 report identifies both Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Cloud Computing as being within 12 months of adoption in K-12 education across the globe.

The NSW 2013 Literature Review was published by the NSW Department of Education and Communities - Information Technology Directorate.