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Children Aged 0-4

A child’s early years before they start school are fundamental to shaping their life chances.

Children do better at school if they start well - successful transition to school leads to better attendance, adjustment, engagement and achievement. Parents play the most important role as a child’s first teacher in these foundation years and throughout life.

Many things which families do so that children thrive help their learning as well - healthy eating, being active and showing affection. Parents have the biggest impact on children’s learning when they help children to believe in themselves and to enjoy learning new things. Children learn by doing, through touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing and through sharing their understanding of these things with others - playing and talking!

Here are some tips and ideas about the things you can do to help your child’s learning.

A little girl with Dad

Tip 1: Use Play and Fun Ways of Getting Children Involved Everyday

Tip 2: Talk! Talk! Talk!

Tip 3: Help Your Child Develop Social Skills

Children learn social skills by mixing with different people and trying new things with encouragement and praise.

Tip 4: Help Your Child Develop Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

More Information and Ideas can be Found in the Resources Below: