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Ideas for the Whole Family

Many parents feel they should be doing more at school. For parents who are busy, it is important to remember that supporting learning at home matters. Providing opportunities for children to learn new things, reading and supporting their interests makes a big difference. Parents don’t need to be an expert; supporting and encouraging learning is enough.

Ideas for the whole family

Who Is Family?

In this context ‘family’ refers to all the people who share in the caring and nurturing of a child. Immediate family, like mums, dads, step-parents, foster parents or adopted parents, and siblings, and extended family like grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins can all have a strong role. Additionally, ‘family’ may also be people who are not relatives, people who play a special role in the life of your child, such as a close neighbour or family friend.

What is Family-Led Learning?

Family-led learning is focused on high aspirations for children, shared reading, a positive environment for homework, parent-child conversation, a cognitively stimulating home environment and support for social and emotional wellbeing.

Here are some tips and ideas about the things you can do to engage the whole family in your child’s learning.

Tip 1: Read Together Every Day

Tip 2: Write Together Every Day

Tip 3: Talk Together Every Day

Tip 4: Learn Together Every Day

Tip 5: Play Together Every Day

Tip 6: Laugh Together Every Day

Tip 7: Move Together Every Day

Tip 8: Explore Together

More Information and Ideas can be Found in the Resources Below: