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Young People Aged 13-18

Parental engagement in young people’s learning and education remains important and influential during the high school years and is related to young people’s academic success and their well-being at high school.

Young people ages 13 to 18

“I personally just think the most important thing parents can do is just actively be engaged at home. Knowing what your kid’s learning about. To be able to help with their assignments or just be asking about how their day was, school sport, extracurricular activities - just being involved at the home level. I don’t necessarily think there’s a lot of requirement for in-school stuff, but that’s based on my own parenting values.”
(ACT High School parent)

Here are some tips and ideas about the things you can do to help your child’s learning.

Tip 1: Being Sensitive to Increasing Autonomy and Independence of Adolescents, but Retaining a Supportive Structure

In Practice

Tip 2: Demonstrate Aspirations and Expectations for Learning

In Practice

Tip 3: Aim to Provide a Stimulating and Supportive Home Learning Environment

In Practice

Tip 4: Maintain Child Parent Interaction Relevant to Learning

Tip 5: Keep Connections and Communication Open with School

Tip 6: Provide Support for Homework Which is Appropriate to Adolescence

More Information and Ideas can be Found in the Resources Below: