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Approval Statement

Changes to the ACT Education Act 2004 mean that young people must remain in education until completing year 10 and then participate in education, training or employment until completing year 12 or equivalent, or reaching age 17.

Young people, who have completed year 10, are under 17 years of age, and plan to undertake work-related training such as an apprenticeship or traineeship, employment or a combination of training and employment must apply for an Approval Statement. An Approval Statement is a bit like a certificate; it says you have permission to do the training or employment you applied for rather than attend school full-time. The application for an Approval Statement must be signed by a parent or guardian unless the young person can provide proof that he/she is living independently.

Work-related training in the ACT is limited to a traineeship or an apprenticeship. Employment must be paid and covered by the relevant Award. Please note, training or employment needs to be full-time or at least 25 hours per week and young people undertaking a combination of training, employment and/or education, need to make sure the combination adds up to 25 hours per week or is the equivalent of one full-time option.

An Approval Statement is not required for an Australian School-based Apprenticeship (ASBA). Under the ACT Education Act 2004 ASBAs are regarded as being part of an education program. An Approval Statement is also not required for part-time employment outside of school hours or in addition to full-time study.

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