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Transitions and Careers Officers

Transitions and Careers Officers talking with a student

Transition and Careers Officers are teachers who hold a nationally recognised career qualification (preferably at professional level) and are a current member of a CICA member association. They assist student transitions into and out of the college sector and improve student career development outcomes.

To do this Transition and Careers Officers lead and deliver a range of career and transition services which includes:

  • Providing career services to assist students to successfully transition into and out of the college sector
  • Conducting career guidance in accordance with their qualification
  • Teaching and leading career education programs in college and school network
  • Implementing quality workplace learning programs (WEX, SWL, and VLOs)
  • Assisting students to access and engage in vocational learning pathways
  • Building school / community / industry partnerships
  • Managing the school careers centre and providing current and relevant career information
  • Building school and network staff capacity by providing professional learning
  • Playing a leadership role in their respective Transition Network Group including the primary to high school Transition Network Groups.

Key TaCO projects involve implementing ACT Education Directorate initiatives including:

  • Pathways Planning (career education) using the Pathways website
  • Workplace learning programs
  • Canberra CareersXpo excursion
  • Transition Network Groups leadership
  • EPiCC (Engaging Parents in Career Conversations) and ESiCC (Engaging Staff in Career Conversations) professional learning
  • Transition services
    • Transitions into college – year 10 to 11 transition services
    • Transitions out of college – every student has a planned post college destination