Fresh Tastes: Healthy Food at School Fact Sheet

Fresh Tastes: healthy food at school was developed by ACT Health in partnership with the ACT Education Directorate. It offers schools a range of services, incentives and resources to support implementation of the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy 2015.

What is Fresh Tastes?

Fresh Tastes supports schools to build on the range of successful programs already in place to support students' health and wellbeing.

Fresh Tastes: healthy food at school is a free and optional service available to any school in the ACT. The service can help schools implement the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy by providing a range of resources, training, advice and assistance. Fresh Tastes is provided by ACT Health with support from the ACT Government, local community and business organisations to ensure healthy food and drinks at school can be sustained in the long term.

Good food provision in schools leads to healthier children with improved concentration and learning attainment. Children should enjoy food and drinks that make them healthier and more successful. Fresh Tastes works with schools to improve food and drinks provided or sold at school and equip children with knowledge and skills about good nutrition. They understand where food comes from and how to cook tasty healthy food.

The Fresh Tastes team works with the school community including teachers, principals, parents, canteen operators, preschool and community partners. Together they determine priorities and plan and implement a range of activities to embed a culture of healthy food and drinks at the school.

Fresh Tastes was developed using the latest evidence about promoting healthy eating in schools. The service is flexible and comprehensive. It supports school communities to take small steps and build on their strengths.

How does Fresh Tastes support the new ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy?

The Fresh Tastes program can provide support for:

  • Professional learning about nutrition for teachers
  • Healthy canteen and fundraising/event options
  • Growing and/or cooking food
  • Training and information on healthy food for the school community
  • Implementation of the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines
  • Discounts for families to purchase fruit and vegetables
  • Wholesale discounts for the school canteen or kitchen
  • Ongoing healthy tips/ideas for newsletters and webpages

How can schools access the Fresh Tastes Service?

Schools can register their interest by emailing or phoning (02) 6205 1452. More information about the program can be found at

References and Resources

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Fresh Tastes: healthy food fact sheet at school pdf print version PDF File (424kb)