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International Secondary Student Exchange Policy

  1. What is this policy about?
    1. This policy supports the participation of secondary school students in international exchange programs.
  2. Policy Statement
    1. The Education and Training Directorate (the Directorate) promotes and supports participation by secondary exchange students in ACT public schools.
    2. The Australian Government considers inbound exchange students as full fee paying students. The fee is waived if the secondary student exchange organisation:
      • is registered with the state/territory education authority
      • operates on the basis of reciprocity.
    3. Secondary student exchange programs operate on the basis of reciprocity. A balance within each state and territory is maintained between inbound and outbound students by each exchange organisation.
    4. Exchange students enter and depart Australia under the auspices of a secondary student exchange organisation registered by the Directorate.
  3. Who does this policy apply to?
    1. This policy applies to all ACT public schools.
  4. Context
    1. The Directorate aims to ensure all students gain an understanding of the international community and their place within it. This supports the development of an understanding of the languages and cultures of other societies.
  5. Responsibilities
    1. The school principal: is responsible for implementing this policy in schools.
    2. The ACT Reference Group for International Secondary Student Exchange Programs: registers and monitors the operation of secondary student exchange organisations in the ACT.
    3. The Directorate: is responsible for policy and administrative oversight of secondary student exchange programs in public and non-government schools.
    4. Policy Owner: The Director, Student Engagement is responsible for this policy.
  6. Monitoring and Review
    1. The Policy Owner monitors the policy. This includes an annual scan of operation and review. A full review of the policy will be conducted within a three year period.
  7. Contact
    1. For support contact International Education Unit on (02) 6205 6764 or email
  8. Complaints
    1. Any concerns about the application of this procedure or the procedure itself, should be raised with:
  9. References
    1. Definitions
      Definitions are contained in the National Guidelines for International Secondary Student Exchange Programs in the Australian Capital Territory. Key definitions are:
      • An international secondary exchange student: is any inbound or outbound student who attends an ACT or international school for a minimum of three months to a maximum of twelve months duration. Inbound exchange students travel to Australia on a student visa issued from an Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Students (AASES form).
      • An international fee paying student: is any student who is not an Australian citizen and does not have Australian permanent residency status but holds a 571 student visa and is required to pay full tuition fees, as defined by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.
    2. Legislation
    3. Implementation Documents
    4. Related Policies and Information

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Policy Identifier: ISSEP201111

Published: January 2016

Implementation Documents:

No Current Implementation Documents

Related Policies and Information: