Priority 2 - Inspirational Teaching and Leadership

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Our Major
in 2014-15

  • Establishment of the ACT Teacher Scholarships Program with an allocation of $250,000 each year to support teachers' professional development and quality learning outcomes for students.
  • Professional learning programs for teachers were provided to further embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures into the development and delivery of school programs.
  • Deeds of Grant between the Directorate and key arts organisations developed to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers in delivery of the Australian Curriculum: Arts.
  • Recognising and meeting the learning needs of gifted and talented students was the focus of the implementation of the Gifted and Talented Students Policy and accompanying professional learning and advice.
  • 82% of apprentices satisfied with their training.
  • 88% of students graduated with a year 12 certificate.

in 2014-15

  • Reducing of red tape and costs, whilst maintaining compliance with ASQA standards to ensure the provision of high quality vocational education programs for ACT senior secondary students, will be addressed through the Review into the Provision of VET in ACT Public Schools.

Our Major Achievements

The Directorate is investing in a range of programs to support the retention and building of teacher capability.

  • High quality teachers are being recruited to the system. In January 2015, 223 new teachers commenced with the Directorate.
  • The literacy and numeracy test proposed for teacher recruitment was trialled by 19 Master of Teaching students working in the Directorate.
  • The Directorate implemented the Aspiring Leaders Program as an opportunity for current deputy principals and current or aspiring executive teachers to build a broad range of leadership skills and be better prepared to support student, school and system improvement. A partnership with the Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, to support this program was finalised in April 2015.
  • The Early Childhood Degree Program was launched in July 2014. Twenty-five Early Childhood Degree Scholarships were offered and accepted in 2014-15. In addition, early Childhood (Certificate III) Scholarships accepted by 30 applicants.
  • The Directorate facilitated the Australian Curriculum professional learning workshops for all ACT school leaders and teachers. Workshops featured presentations about the Geography, Arts, Languages and Technologies curricula, and were designed to build capacity to implement the curriculum and use curriculum-linkedonline resources to support student learning.
  • Under the ACT Scholarship program, the Directorate continued to build the capability of our teachers and leaders. During the reporting period, 51 scholarships were awarded amounting to $244,350 to support inspirational teaching and leadership. The program was established in consultation with the Australian Education Union (ACT Branch), under professional learning guidelines to up-skill and grow the workforce.
  • Professional learning programs for teachers were provided to further embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture into the development and delivery of school programs.
  • The Project Agreement for Empowering Local Decision Making in ACT Government Schools as part of the Australian Government National Partnership Agreement on Empowering Local Schools was signed by the ACT and the Commonwealth. The Agreement supports increased autonomy and enhanced leadership capability in all ACT public schools.
  • To support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Arts, the Directorate committed funding of $15,000 per year from 2015 to 2017 to both Musica Viva and Kulture Break to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers.

Photo of primary school students working in computer lab

Our Challenges

  • The Directorate will further embed quality teaching by implementing workforce management plans, quality teaching and by utilising the framework provided in the new enterprise bargaining agreement.

Our Plans for the Next 12 Months

  • Provide systemic advice on strategies to enhance teacher effectiveness in improving student outcomes.
  • Continue to strengthen leadership and teacher capacity by providing professional learning opportunities for school leaders and teachers.

Photo of two girls conducting science experiment in laboratory at Wanniassa School and Photo of girl using learning puzzles at Early Childhood Centre

Fast Facts 2013-14 2014-15 Change % Change
Number of staff in the Directorate 6,170 6,189 19 0.3%
Number of school leaders and teachers in public schools 4,249 4,285 36 0.8%
Number of female teachers 2,693 2,712 19 0.7%
Number of male teachers 786 802 16 2.0%
Number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees 64 72 8 12.5%
Number of staff with more than 10 years service 1,963 2,295 332 16.9%
Number of teacher contracts issued 316 726 410 129.7%
Average years of service of Directorate staff 8.8 9.0 0.2 2.3%