About Our Schools

Early Childhood Schools

Since 2009, five public early childhood schools have been available to Canberra families. The early childhood schools located in Lyons, Isabella Plains, Southern Cross (Scullin) , Franklin  and Narrabundah operate as early learning and development centres providing integrated services for children (birth to 8 years) and their families. These schools are an innovative and exciting addition to public education provision in the ACT.

O'Connor Cooperative school continues to operate as a P-2 early childhood school.

Primary Schools (including Preschool programs)

Children must be four years of age on or before 30 April of the year of commencement in a preschool program.

Children who are enrolling in an ACT Public Primary School for the first time at kindergarten must be five years of age on or before 30 April of the year of commencement of Kindergarten.

High Schools

High school education is available in both Years 7-10 and Preschool to Year 10 schools across the ACT. Our high schools are dynamic, innovative and supportive learning communities providing challenging education programs and pastoral care.

Melba Copland Secondary School also offers programs from Years 7 –12.

Senior Secondary Colleges

The ACT's senior secondary colleges cater for students in Years 11 and 12. Our college system sets a national standard in senior secondary education and includes tertiary pre-entry curriculum at the ANU.

Melba Copland Secondary School also provides a Year 11-12 program. Students continuing at this school do not have to complete an enrolment for Year 11.

Students with a disability

ACT public schools pride themselves on their inclusivity and all students are welcome to enrol in their local school. In addition, specialist settings and programs for young children and students with a disability are available. If you wish to find about the services and support that are available in your area please contact the Student Support Section of the Education Directorate on  6205 6925.

ANU Secondary College Program

This program offers extension learning programs in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Japanese as part of the Year 12 Certificate study package. Parents/carers and students interested in the program should discuss the option with the college they wish to attend  or visit the website at ANU Extension/ ANU Secondary College External Link

Priority Enrolment Areas

Students have right of placement at schools in their Priority Enrolment Areas (PEA)

Parents/carers are welcome to apply for placement for their child in a school outside of their PEA however this is dependent upon space being available.

Enrolment Policy

School websites

A complete listing of ACT public schools with links to their school websites is available from School Education - Directory of Schools.

Further assistance

If you require further assistance or clarification on the enrolment criteria and process please contact the Education Directorate or your local school.