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Canberra College values learning, and the college programs reflect the diversity of pathways students select. Centrally located, the college is close to many national cultural and sporting institutions including the Australian National University, the University of Canberra, Parliament House, the National Gallery of Australia and the National Science and Technology Centre.

The college offers a wide range of Tertiary, Accredited and Vocational education courses. Students may also complete nationally recognised training packages and Australian School Based Apprenticeships. Canberra College is focused on developing a global perspective in all our students in preparation for the world of today and tomorrow. All students qualify for the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.

The college offers a wide range of initiatives to support various learning options including a Big Picture Academy, Futures Program (Learning Support and Inclusion Support), International Student Program and CCCares. Students are also strongly encouraged to follow their interests and passions. A range of student services are also available across the college to provide pastoral care, counselling services and course advice, to support career and study options.

Canberra College is a place where students are supported, connected and inspired to be learners, researchers and innovators!

George Palavestra, Principal Canberra College

Programs Include:

Sports and Academic Support Program

This program caters for students who compete, coach or officiate in their chosen sport within the community. Students are encouraged to choose this program if they have a strong commitment to their sport and a desire to develop their sporting performance and leadership skills. This program complements their sporting and academic workload at college. If students wish to be considered for this program, they need to enroll in the Sports Development course.

Big Picture Program

The Big Picture Program uses Big Picture Education design practices which focus on supporting students to complete study options through significant project work. Big Picture students are also offered pastoral care and study support. To enhance their study/work interests students are connected to the local community through internships and mentors. Big Picture students are co-located in an open plan flexible learning environment.

CC Cares

The CC Cares Program is designed to provide alternative, individualised programs for young people, enabling ACT Senior Secondary Certificate to equip them for a better future. CC Cares also provides the necessary support in addressing the needs and responsibilities of young carers and parents to enable them to succeed in education, and to set and achieve personal goals.

Futures Program

The Futures Program delivers a specialised education program to students identified by the ACT Education Directorate as having a special need. Students are supported to transition to post school options through work placements and work training. The Futures Program also provides support for mainstream students in the Inclusion Support Program through one to one mentoring.

Courses Offered in 2018


  • Art (T/A)
  • Ceramics (T/A)
  • Dance (T/A)
  • Drama (T/A)
  • Jazz (T/A)
  • Media (T/A)
  • Music (T/A)
  • Music Industry (C)
  • Photography (T/A)

Commerce and Social Sciences

  • Accounting (T/A)
  • Business Administration (A/V)
  • Business (T/A)
  • Economics (T/A)
  • Legal Studies (T/A)
  • Global Studies (T/A)

Behavioural Science

  • Psychology (T/A)
  • Sociology (T/A)
  • Social and Community Work (A)


  • English Integrating the Australian Curriculum (T)
  • Literature Integrating the Australian Curriculum (T)
  • Essential English Integrating the Australian Curriculum (A/M)
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Integrating the Australian Curriculum (T/A)
  • Ancient History Integrating the Australian Curriculum (T/A/M)
  • Modern History Integrating the Australian Curriculum (T/A/M)
  • Pre Modern History Integrating the Australian Curriculum (T/A/M)
  • Theory of Knowledge (T)

Hospitality and Food Studies

  • Food for life (A)
  • Food Science & Management (T)
  • Hospitality Studies (C)

Tourism and Event Management

  • Tourism Studies (A/V/T)


  • Information Technology (T/A/V)
  • IT - Applications Stream (A/T/V)
  • IT - Programming and Robotics Stream (T/V)
  • IT - Multimedia stream (A/T/V)


  • Chinese (T)
  • French (T)
  • German (T)
  • Italian (T)
  • Japanese (T)


  • Australian Curriculum Essential Mathematics (A)
  • Australian Curriculum Mathematical Applications (T)
  • Australian Curriculum Mathematical Methods (T)
  • Australian Curriculum Specialist Mathematical Methods (T)
  • Australian Curriculum Specialist Mathematics (T)

Physical Education

  • Exercise Science (T/A)
  • Outdoor Education (A)
  • Physical Education (A)
  • Sport (R)
  • Sports Development (A)
  • Sports Studies (T/A)
  • Sports Science (T/A) NB Combined course


  • Biology (T)
  • Chemistry (T)
  • Physics (T)
  • Human Biology (T/A)
  • Pre-Med (R)


  • Automotive Technology (A)
  • CAD and 3D Animation T/A
  • Design & Graphics (T/A) …Design Technology and Graphics
  • Furniture Construction (A)
  • Metal Engineering (A)
  • Textiles and Fashion (A/V/M)


A = Accredited Course; T = Tertiary Course; V = Vocational Course; M = Modified; R = Registered Unit; C=competency based vocational and training program

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