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“Everyone, every day, learning – for life”

Dickson College provides a supportive, innovative and educationally rich learning environment. Together we work with students, families, staff and the wider community to develop informed, creative, caring and confident global citizens. Our core values are Excellence, Opportunity and Community. We support everyone’s learning, each and every student and staff member, so that they can achieve their best, every day.

We embrace every student as an individual, with their own unique talents, passions and interests. Our students consistently achieve outstanding results and our aim is to support and challenge each student to grow and thrive. To enable our students to achieve their best we provide an engaging, rich and broad curriculum, supported by excellent teachers and administrative staff. At Dickson College we believe that the well-being of our students, staff and community is fundamental to a successful future. Our Wellbeing team works proactively to support students with a range of service providers, career and transition advisors, and an experienced pastoral care team. The learning and achievement of all the young people in our care is our priority.


  • Quality education with a focus on effective teaching
  • Safe and caring environment
  • School wide focus on well-being
  • A broad, diverse and engaging curriculum and extra-curricular program
  • Strong partnerships with local primary and high schools
  • Effective pastoral care programs
  • A strong tradition of academic excellence which consistently produces outstanding results
  • Innovative Arts programs and strong links with artists and performers
  • Student Leadership Group
  • Talented Sports Program and Outdoor Education
  • Robotics and UAV program
  • Australian School Based Apprenticeships
  • Foundations Program for students with special needs
  • Dickson College High School - for high school students who need individualised support
  • Secondary Introductory English Centre - for high school students who have recently arrived in Australia
  • The Refugee Bridging Program – for students with a refugee experience who need individualised support
  • High levels of participation in academic competitions
  • Jazz Band Program & links to ANU School of Music
  • Links with Australian National University (ANU) & ANU Secondary College
  • Overseas excursions
  • Friendly inclusive diverse community

Craig Edwards - Principal

Courses Offered for 2018

  • Automotive Technology (A/V)
  • Biology (A/T)
  • Business (A/T)
  • Chemistry (T)
  • Chinese (Mandarin):
    • Beginning (T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Construction Pathways (A/V)
  • Dance (A/T)
  • Design Technology & Graphics (A/T)
  • Drama (A/T)
  • Earth and Environmental Science (A/T)
  • Economics (T)
  • Engineering (T)
  • English:
    • Essential English (A)
    • English (T)
    • Literature (T)
  • English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) (A/T)
  • Exercise Science (T)
  • Textiles and Fashion(A/T/V)
  • Food for Life (A)
  • French:
    • Beginning (T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Geography (A/T)
  • Global Studies (T)
  • History:
    • Ancient History (A/T)
    • Modern History (A/T)
  • Hospitality (A/V)
  • Indonesian:
    • Beginning (T)
    • Continuing (T)
  • Information Technology (A/T/V)
  • Japanese:
    • Beginning (T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Latin:
    • Beginning (T)
  • Legal Studies (A/T)
  • Mathematics:
    • Contemporary Mathematics (A)
    • Essential Mathematics (A)
    • Mathematical Applications (T)
    • Mathematical Methods (T)
    • Specialist Mathematics(T)
    • Specialist Methods (T)
  • Media (A/T)
  • Metal Technology (A)
  • Music (A/T)
  • Music Industry (C )
  • Oceanography (A/T)
  • Outdoor Education (A/T)
  • Photography (A/T)
  • Physical Education (A)
  • Physics (T)
  • Psychology (A/T)
  • Senior Science (A)
  • Social and Community Work (A/V)
  • Sociology (A/T)
  • Sports Development (A)
  • Sports Studies (T)
  • Visual Arts (A/T)
  • Wood Technology (A)

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