Director General's Message

Welcome to your college years!

The two years you spend at college are going to make a real difference to your future. The learning and the skills you develop at college will have a direct influence on your career and so it is important that you consider your study options with this in mind.

The College Guide 2018 has been developed to assist you in developing your year 11 and 12 courses of study. The courses offered by our senior secondary colleges support and develop independent learning in an adult atmosphere.

Canberra public colleges are committed to working directly with you, and your families, to develop individual programs to ensure your success and a pathway to a bright future.

I encourage you to use the information in this guide as a starting point in exploring the breadth of academic, artistic, cultural, sporting and vocational pursuits available. I am sure the conversations you will have with your families, your teachers and other school staff will see a program mapped to fulfill your aspirations.

I wish you well as you embark on your college studies and hope you make the most of these vital years to support your transition to further education or employment, or both.

Natalie Howson