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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Gungahlin College!

We are a dynamic, inspiring and nurturing learning community dedicated to educating our students for an exciting future. Opening in 2011, the College is new and future focused. Featuring advanced IT options, blended learning and flexible learning spaces; we offer an extensive range of contemporary courses for students in their senior secondary years.

At Gungahlin College we value diversity and the richness it brings to college life. Equally, a sense of respect, acceptance and inclusivity pervades the atmosphere of the open teaching spaces, classrooms and hallways.

Gungahlin College students are expected to strive for excellence, to connect with their community and to support one another. Each student is expected to genuinely engage in achieving their goals whether it be university entrance, vocational studies or direct entry into the workplace.

The College has already demonstrated outstanding student performance, student welfare and innovative contemporary teaching since opening.

The facilities at Gungahlin College are the newest in the ACT and have been purpose built for learning in the 21st Century. We have state of the art equipment in all of our specialist areas and our general learning spaces promote the use of internet technologies and team work. At Gungahlin College students are encouraged to connect to the Wi-Fi using laptops, tablets and smart phones to assist in learning for today’s world. Working creatively and collaboratively is also another important element in our classes at the College.  

There is a vast range of courses available at Gungahlin College. We are privileged to be able to offer many specialised courses to cater for particular interests. Some notable examples include: Flight, Mechatronics, Outdoor Education, Global Studies and Philosophy. You can choose from eight different languages at Gungahlin College. Please read onwards for a detailed list of all courses we offer.

The teachers at Gungahlin College are all hand-picked by the principal for their subject expertise and teaching quality. Not only have we attracted some of the very best teachers in the ACT from both government and non-government schools but we have some extraordinary teachers from interstate as well.

Our pastoral care system ensures that you will have a single staff member, your ‘Connect Teacher’, who looks after your welfare from the start of Year 11 to the end of Year 12. They will be the strongest partner you and your parents have in ensuring your success. Our pastoral program will teach you how to engage with school in such a way that you achieve your best. We offer a widely utilised study support program, incorporating free tutoring, to help you if you are having academic difficulties in any area of study.

We offer a range of specialist and alternative programs to support a large range of students’ needs. These include:

  • A Program – ‘Inclusion Support’
  • B Program – ‘Individualised Support’
  • C Program – ‘Alternative to Mainstream’
  • D Program – ‘Transition to Work’
  • Gungahlin College Selective – ‘Gifted and Talented’
  • Year 10 SMART program – ‘Early entry for Year 10 students interested in Science, Mathematics   and related Technologies.’
  • Performing Arts Immersion – ‘Musical and Live Performance’
  • Talented Sports Program
  • Science Honours

We want Gungahlin College to be the right choice for you. Please visit us at our Open Night to find out more and to experience our learning environment for yourself.

Heather Paterson – Principal

Courses Offered for 2018

  • Accounting (A/T)
  • Behavioural Science (A/T) (combination of Psychology and Sociology)
  • Biology (T)
  • Business Administration (A/V)
  • Business (A/T)
  • Chemistry (T)
  • Chinese:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (A/T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Commerce (T) (combination of Business, Accounting or Economics Courses)
  • Dance (A/T)
  • Design Technology and Graphics (A/T)
  • Drama (A/T)
  • Earth and Environmental Science (T)
  • Economics (T/A)
  • Electronics and Mechatronics (T)
  • English:
    • Essential English (A/M)
    • English (T)
    • Literature (T)
  • English as a Second Language (A/T)
  • Exercise Science (T)
  • Flight (T)
  • Food for Life (A)
  • Food Science and Management (T)
  • French:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Furniture Construction (A/V/M)
  • German:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Global Studies (A/T)
  • Hindi
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T
  • History:
    • Ancient History (A/T)
    • Pre-Modern History (A/T)
    • Modern History (A/T)
  • Hospitality (A/V)
  • Human Biology (T)
  • Information Technology (A/T/V)
  • Italian:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Japanese:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Korean:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (A/T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Latin (T)
  • Legal Studies (A/T)
  • Life Leisure and Learning (M)
  • Live Production and Services (C)
  • Mathematics:
    • Essential Mathematics (A/M)
    • Mathematical Applications (T)
    • Mathematical Methods (T)
    • Specialist Methods (T)
    • Specialist Mathematics (T) (double major)
  • Media (A/T)
  • Metal Technology (A) Music (A/T)
  • Music (A/T)
  • Musical and Stage Performance (C)
  • Outdoor Education (A/T)
  • Philosophy (T)
  • Photography (A/T)
  • Physical Education (A)
  • Physics (T)
  • Psychology (A/T)
  • Retail (A)
  • Senior Science (A/T)
  • Social and Community Work (A/V/M)
  • Sociology (A/T)
  • Sports Development (A)(as part of the Talented Sports Program)
  • Sport, Recreation and Leadership (A/V)
  • Sports Science (T) (combination of Exercise Science and Sports Studies)
  • Sports Studies (T)
  • Textiles and Fashion (A/T/V/M)
  • Tourism and Event Management (A/V/M)
  • Visual Arts
    • Ceramics (A/T)
    • Visual Art (A/T)

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23 Gozzard St
Gungahlin ACT 2912
Phone: (02) 6142 1000
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