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Welcome from the Principal

Lake Tuggeranong College has a well-earned reputation for providing a broad and academically rigorous curriculum, coupled with a commitment to the individual needs of its students. We focus on personal excellence and achievement and we encourage our students to maximise their senior secondary experience by taking on the college values: Learn, Thrive, Connect. Situated on the foreshores of Lake Tuggeranong, our college is conveniently located in the Tuggeranong Town Centre.

Our courses prepare students for tertiary studies at university or institutes of technology or for direct entry into the workforce. Providing an outstanding level of student support is a key focus. The college is a Positive Education school, actively engaging students and staff in positive psychology and approaches designed to enhance personal wellbeing. This, coupled with our expert teaching team, means a holistic experience for students in their two years of senior secondary education.

Other key features of the college include:

  • outstanding infrastructure and facilities
  • a safe, positive and caring learning environment
  • a successful Year 10 program, centred on personalised learning
  • a Year 11 academic skills program (Keys to Success)
  • thorough and effective AST preparation
  • a suite of tailored learning programs designed to seamlessly support students requiring additional support in their studies
  • a thriving Learning Support Unit for students with identified disabilities
  • unique courses such as Flight, Computer Aided Design, Automotive Studies
  • partnerships with the Australian National University, the University of Canberra, the Canberra Institute of Technology and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment
  • award-winning drama and musical productions
  • a thriving International Student Program
  • a well-resourced Careers & Transitions unit
  • significant vocational pathway programs, including Automotive and Building Construction, Business Administration, Information Technology
  • a skills centre for Design & Technology and 3D Animation, Engineering, CISCO and Business Administration
  • access to a wide range of Australian School-Based Apprenticeships and work experiences.

The college prides itself on being responsive to the individual needs of students and provides dedicated support programs to enable success to be achieved across all aspects of their college experience.

When you join our community at Lake Tuggeranong College, the dedicated staff and I will look forward to sharing in your successes.

Julie Murkins - Principal

Courses Offered for 2018

  • Agriculture (A/T)
  • Automotive Technology (A/V)
  • Biology (T)
  • Building Construction (A/V)
  • Business Administration (A/V)
  • Business Studies (T)
  • 3D Game Design (A/T/V)
  • Ceramics (A/T)
  • Chemistry (T)
  • Chinese:
    • Beginning (T),
    • Continuing (T),
    • Advanced (T)
  • CISCO Networking & Cyber Security (T/V)
  • Design Technology & Graphics (A/T)
  • Dance (A/T)
  • Drama (A/T)
  • Engineering Studies (T)
  • English (A/T)
  • Contemporary English (A)
  • EALD (A/T)
  • Economics (T)
  • Exercise Science (A/T)
  • Fashion Design and Textiles (A/T)
  • Flight (A/T)
  • Food for Life (A)
  • Food Science & Management (T)
  • Glass Art & Design (A/T)
  • Global Studies (T)
  • History (T)
  • Information Technology (A/T/V)
  • Japanese:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Korean:
    • Beginning (T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Legal Studies (A/T)
  • Mathematics:
    • Specialist Mathematics (T)
    • Mathematical Methods (T)
    • Mathematical Applications (T)
    • Essential Mathematics (A)
    • Contemporary Mathematics (A)
  • Media (A/T)
  • Metal Technology (A)
  • Music (A/T/M)
  • Photography (A/T)
  • Physical Education (A)
  • Physics (T)
  • Programming & Robotics (T)
  • Psychology (A/T)
  • Senior Science (A)
    • Animal Science
    • Cosmetics
    • Electricity
    • Forensics
  • Social & Community Work (A)
  • Sociology (A/T)
  • Spanish:
    • Beginning (T)
    • Continuing (T)
  • Sports Development (A)
  • Sports Studies (A/T)
  • Theory of Knowledge (T)
  • Tourism & Event Management (A)
  • Visual Art (A/T)

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