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Welcome from the Principal

The Melba Copland Secondary School (MCSS) provides the opportunity for students to study the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and courses which include nationally recognised vocational education (VET) certificates and training qualifications. MCSS is a leading college with proven excellence in outcomes and achievement for all students. MCSS offers high quality education programs for all students in a variety of learning environments. The diversity of our curriculum provides students with the best opportunities to achieve excellent outcomes for future pathways.

Programs of Excellence

MCSS is an IB World School offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma as an internationally recognised program that Year 11 and 12 students may choose to study at the same time as completing their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and Tertiary Entrance Qualifications. This program is designed as a pre-university program for academic students. Upon completion students achieve both the IB Diploma and the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate. Completion of the IB Diploma and certificates can lead to preferred entry to universities and bonus points in addition to ATAR achievement.

University extension programs include the ANU Secondary College and University of Canberra (UC Connect) opportunities. The ANU extension program often leads to early offers for students. UC Connect provides a bridging program for selected students not receiving an ATAR at the completion of Year 12.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certification and Australian School-Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs) engage students with focused career challenges. VET involvement is extremely rewarding and a highly regarded experience for students and staff. This dimension of learning on the College Campus is the highest growth area due to the rising need for all students to attain qualifications for career futures. Many students are able to complete Canberra Institute of Technology studies parallel to their Senior Secondary Certificate. Students have access to the new Belconnen Region Trade Skills Centre at both Campuses, specialising in vocational courses in Horticulture, Hospitality and Construction.

Performing Arts Program provides opportunities for students to excel in community and college based programs in drama, dance and music. MCSS runs annual performance pieces being the Dance Showcase – incorporating local primary schools – and the Musical. The modern performance facilities at the College Campus connect students with an industry level experience.

Talented Athlete Program (TAP) builds on the success of students across many sports. Opportunities are provided for student athletes to gain knowledge, skills and experiences in the elite sports field. TAP now incorporates talented Dance students in conjunction with the Performing Arts Program.

The MCSS Honours Program aims to provide a range of enrichment and extension activities to all students with gifts and/or talents. The Honours Program recognises outstanding achievements of individual students and their contribution to the wider MCSS culture. Honours are subject based awards which recognise that giftedness and talent may be in specific areas. The Honours Program is run each academic year, with students receiving their Honours Certificate at the end of the year.

The MCSS Pastoral Care (PC) Program promotes student progress, wellbeing, resilience and self-efficacy. The program works in conjunction with Careers and Transitions staff to support students towards achieving their educational and future career goals.

Michael Battenally - Principal

Courses Offered for 2018

  • Biological Science (T) (IB)
  • Business Administration (A/V)
  • Business (A/T)
  • Chemistry (T) (IB)
  • Chinese:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Construction (A/V)
  • Dance (A/T)
  • Design, Technology and Graphics (A/T)
  • Drama (A/T) (IB)
  • English:
    • Literature (T)
    • English (T)  (IB)
    • Essential English (A) (IB)
    • Contemporary English (A)
  • ESL (A/T)
  • Exercise Science (A/T (IB)
  • Fashion design and textiles (A)
  • Flight (A/T)
  • Food for Life (A/M
  • French:
    • Beginning (A/T) (IB)
    • Continuing (T) (IB)
    • Advanced (T) (IB)
  • Furniture Construction (A/V)
  • General Science (A/T)
  • History (T/A) (IB):
    • Pre-modern
    • Modern
  • Horticulture (C/V)
  • Hospitality (A/V)
  • Information Technology (A/T/V)
  • CISCO Networking Engineering
  • Japanese:
    • Beginning (A/T) (IB)
    • Continuing (T) (IB)
    • Advanced (T) (IB)
  • Legal Studies (A/T)
  • Life, Leisure, Learning (A)
  • Mathematics:
    • Contemporary Maths (A)
    • Essential Mathematics (A)
    • Mathematical Applications (T)
    • Mathematical Methods (T) (IB)
    • Specialist Mathematics (T) (IB)
  • Media (A/T/V) (IB)
  • Metal Engineering (A/V)
  • Music (A/T) (IB)
  • Outdoor Education (A)
  • Pathways to Work and Learning (M)
  • Photography (A/T) (IB)
  • Physical Education (A)
  • Physics (T) (IB)
  • Plant and Animal Management (A)
  • Psychology (A/T) (IB)
  • Social and Community Work (A/V)
  • Spanish:
    • Beginning (T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Sport, Fitness and Administration (A/V)
  • Sports Development (A)
  • Sports Science (A/T)
  • Sports Studies (T)
  • Theory of Knowledge (T) (IB)
  • Tourism and Event Management (A/V)
  • Visual Art (A/T) (IB)

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