University of Canberra Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra

Welcome from the Principal

The University of Canberra Senior Secondary College, Lake Ginninderra (or Lake G for short) specialises in the education of year 11 and 12 students. Teaching and support staff are dedicated to equipping students for their future. In partnership with the students and their families the college seeks to provide the very best senior secondary education available.

It is my privilege to tell you about our college. The quality of the staff and their work in serving the students, their families and the community is second to none. Providing support to each and every student as they are guided, encouraged and enabled through their senior secondary years is our mission – our purpose.

Situated centrally in Canberra on the shores of Lake Ginninderra, the college is close to the facilities of the University of Canberra (UC), Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Australian National University (ANU) and the CSIRO. Students are drawn from high schools in the ACT and Canberra region, international private students, overseas exchange students and National Sporting Organisation scholarship holders such as The Football Federation of Australia, Basketball Australia and Volleyball Australia in partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport.

The unique partnership with University of Canberra strengthens teaching and learning initiatives at the college and allows the institutions to share resources, strategies, research and practice.

The college provides a contemporary learning environment, offering students a wide range of courses to study. Student pathways are supported by the offering of traditional subject areas complemented by a diverse range of other curriculum options and opportunities for extension and enrichment.
A nationally renowned Outdoor Education Program develops skills, builds character, and produces leaders. The program has a strong environmental, adventure, and cultural emphasis. Adventure Plus is an extension program that takes students on national and international adventure excursions.

The Elite Sports Program, for local and nationally selected elite athletes, is offered to college students in partnership with the AIS, ACT Academy of Sport, and ACT sporting bodies.  This program recognises the athletic endeavours of students outside of school and supports them in managing the demands of sporting performance at an elite level and studying a senior secondary certificate.

The program addresses a curriculum that empowers students to take ownership of their sport and study goals as well as providing pastoral care, special guest speakers, access to strength and conditioning facilities and physiotherapy diagnosis.

This program is unique in Australia and it has fostered the education of many ACT and Australian representatives as well as Olympians.

We offer extension opportunities including the Global Classroom initiative offering overseas conference travel and an education program in international citizenship.

The college tradition of creative arts excellence brings you a wonderful range of options that include opportunities to act, sing, dance, direct, produce, play, draw, paint, sculpt, film, edit, write, broadcast and more.

Pastoral care programs assist the continuing personal development of students, each of whom has a support teacher in addition to their classroom teachers. During their two years at college, students are assisted by the student services team, teachers and the college community in their educational and personal growth as they choose pathways to future success.

We welcome you to UC Lake G - preparation for life!

Martin Watson - Principal

Courses Offered for 2018

  • Accounting (A/T)
  • Automotive Technology (A/V)
  • Behavioural Science (A/T) – units from Psychology and Sociology
  • Biology (T)
  • Business (A/T)
  • Business Administration (A/V)
  • Chemistry (T)
  • Chinese:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (A/T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Commerce (T) – with units from Economics and/or Business and/or Accounting
  • Dance (A/T)
  • Design and Graphics (A/T)
  • Drama (A/T)
  • Earth & Environmental Science (T)
  • Economics (T)
  • Exercise Science (A/T)
  • External Sports Studies (A)
  • English:
    • Contemporary English (A)
    • Essential English (A)
    • English (T)
    • Literature (T)
    • English as a Second Language (A/T)
  • Food for Life (A)
  • French:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Furniture Construction (C)
  • Geography (A/T)
  • Global Studies (A/T)
  • History (A/T)
  • Hospitality Industry (C)
  • Information Technology (A/T/V)
  • Italian:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (A/T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Japanese:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Legal Studies (A/T)
  • Mathematics:
    • Contemporary Mathematics (A)
    • Essential Mathematics (A)
    • Mathematical Applications (T)
    • Mathematical Methods (T)
    • Specialist Methods (T)
    • Specialist Mathematics (T)
  • Media (A/T)
  • Metal Engineering (A/V)
  • Music (A/T)
  • Outdoor Education (A/T/V)
  • Photography (A/T)
  • Physical Education (A)
  • Physics (T)
  • Psychology (A/T)
  • Senior Science (A)
  • Social and Community Work (A)
  • Sociology (A/T)
  • Spanish:
    • Beginning (A/T)
    • Continuing (A/T)
    • Advanced (T)
  • Sports Recreation and Leadership (A/V)
  • Sports Development (A)
  • Sports Science (A/T) – units from Exercise Science and Sports Studies
  • Sports Studies (A/T)
  • Textiles and Fashion (A/T)
  • Tourism and Event Management (A/T/V)
  • Visual Arts (A/T)

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