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Parent/Carer Guide to Enrolment/Transfer for ACT Public Schools

Online Enrolment/Transfer Form

Parents/Carers seeking to enrol their child in an ACT public school for the first time must complete the online Enrolment/Transfer form.

Parent/Carers seeking to transfer their child to another ACT public school must complete the online Enrolment/Transfer form.

Up to three school choices may be nominated when enrolling in a school or transferring to a new school.

For years 11 and 12 enrolments/transfers, students will need to identify course preferences on the online enrolment/transfer form.

NSW Residents

NSW residents have notional priority enrolment at selected Canberra Public Schools.  For more information, visit: NSW enrolments.

Educational Requirements in the ACT

Compulsory Education Age

In the ACT a child is of compulsory education age from the age of six until the child completes year 12 or turns 17, whichever happens first. Children who are of compulsory school age must be either enrolled in and attending a school, registered for Home Education, or obtain an Application for an Exemption Certificate from the full-time attendance requirement. Children may be both enrolled in a school (part-time) and registered for part-time home education.

Unless a child qualifies for Early Entry, children must be:

  • 4 years of age by 30 April in the year they commence preschool
  • 5 years of age by 30 April in the year they commence kindergarten.

Early Entry

Early Entry is offered to eligible families to meet the needs of their children in the early years of their education. Early Entry will only be considered for children in the following categories

  • Early Entry for Children with English as an Additional Language or Dialect
  • Early Entry for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children
  • Early Entry for Mobility (such as for Australian Defence Force personnel)
  • Early Entry for Gifted and Talented children.

For further information, please contact Early Years on 6207 1106 or email

Early Entry criteria, procedures and application forms are available from the Policies A-Z section of the website.

Please Note – to complete an early entry online enrolment a unique code is required from the Directorate. The unique code will be provided to the family once the eligibility of the child has been assessed and approved through the early entry application process.

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