Accepting an Offer of Enrolment/Transfer


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  4. Accepting an Offer of Enrolment/Transfer

Once you have received an offer of enrolment/transfer, it is necessary to accept the offer by arranging a school visit where you will complete the required paperwork and provide:

  • proof of your child’s identity and date of birth (birth certificate)
  • proof of your child’s residential address (for example: residential lease, electricity /utilities account
    NB: a driver’s licence is not accepted as proof of residence)
  • copies of any family law or other relevant court orders
  • immunisation history
  • Emergency Treatment Plan if required.

If the offer of enrolment/transfer is not your school of choice, you may request a review of the enrolment decision.

It is advisable to accept the initial enrolment offer in case the review of the enrolment decision is not successful.

Review and Appeal Processes

Where an application for enrolment/transfer or an application for enrolment in a specific school has been unsuccessful, applicants may seek a review of the decision.

Review process

The criteria for enrolment/transfer detailed within the How Enrolments/Transfer Applications are Decided webpage will be used as the basis for review. The review will be conducted by the declined school.

Requests for review should be emailed directly to that school.

Appeal process

If the review of the enrolment/transfer decision is not successful at the school, you may appeal the decision through an external review.

The appeal process will be conducted by a nominated School Network Leader and a school principal.

The principal from the school subject to the appeal will be invited to provide information to the panel. The appeal process will consider the grounds expressed in the original enrolment application and any further supporting evidence the appellant has provided.

Requests for appeals should be made in writing to:

Letters of Appeal
Office for Schools
PO Box 158 CANBERRA ACT 2601  

Further Actions

If the appellant is not satisfied with the process or outcome they may consider further action through:

Further Information