How Enrolment/Transfer Applications are Decided


  1. How Enrolment/Transfer Applications are Decided

Principals are responsible for making offers of enrolment. When considering an application for student enrolment/transfer, principals make offers of enrolment according to the enrolment criteria in the following order:

  1. priority applications
  2. enrolment/transfer considerations
  3. other ACT residents

Priority applications

  • Children who live in the school’s Priority Enrolment Area (PEA)
  • Siblings (step/half and cultural siblings) of current students that may now be out of area
  • Students who live in shared enrolment zones
  • Siblings (step/half and cultural siblings) of current students from NSW
  • Out of area students (including consideration of student welfare) where the school has the agreed capacity to accept such applications.

Enrolment/transfer considerations

Curriculum availability

Enrolment consideration may apply to schools that offer specialised programs/pathways or specific subject choices. Students may need to meet the specific entry requirements set by the school.

Exceptions to the criteria

Student accessing Disability Education Programs

The ACT Government provides a range of educational services and settings to accommodate the diverse curriculum, resource, environmental and support needs of students with a disability. Parents are welcome to visit their local PEA school as they are able to meet the diverse range of student needs, however, families may elect to apply for specialised units or schools. For more information about available programs, eligibility or Disability Education application process, parent/carers may contact Disability Education on (02) 6205 6925.

The Inclusion Support Program

All public schools in the ACT are able to make the required reasonable adjustments to ensure your child is able to participate in education on the same basis as their peers. If your child is applying for the Inclusion Support Program (ISP), you should complete the enrolment procedures and timelines as outlined in this document as PEA principles apply. If the student meets eligibility, then ISP will be given at any public school where your child’s enrolment is accepted.

Disability Education units (LSC, LSU, LSUA or SCL programs)

Disability Education units refer to any of the following programs:

  • Learning Support Centre (LSC)
  • Learning Support Unit (LSU)
  • Learning Support Unit: Autism Specific (LSUA)
  • Support Class Language (SCL)

If your child has been offered a placement in a Disability Education unit, you will be sent a letter of offer from the Disability Education section. The majority of these placements are completed through the Central Placement Panel (CPP) held in term 2 and 3. Once the letter of offer is received, parents/carers will be able to complete the online enrolment and apply for the school where the program is located. Specific enrolment instructions will be attached to the letter of offer.

Specialist Schools

Parents/carers of students with a disability who are interested in enrolling their child in a specialist school are invited to contact the specialist school principal directly. The principal will advise on eligibility criteria.

Early Childhood Schools (preschool - year 2)

As early childhood schools do not have a designated Priority Enrolment Area, principals make offers of enrolment according to the criteria in the following order:

  1. well-being considerations (evidence from a registered psychologist or medical specialist required)
  2. child lives in the ACT and has a sibling attending the school (P-2)
  3. child lives in the ACT and attends the long daycare program at the school
  4. child lives in the suburb where the school is located
  5. child lives elsewhere in the ACT
  6. child lives outside the ACT.

Telopea Park School - Primary years only

Telopea Park School is a unique bi-lingual school that operates under a bi-national agreement between the French and Australian Governments. The Priority Enrolment Area for this program in the primary years is the whole of the ACT. The school’s website  outlines the school’s primary years entry criteria and enrolment procedures.