School Board Elections

The Education Act 2004 states that board members are to be appointed. Before appointments can occur, some positions will require an election. All appointments to school boards (except board appointed members) are made by the Returning Officer.

School board elections - what are they and why do we need them?

A school board election is an approved process for the selection of representatives to the school board. School board elections are based on best practice election principles to ensure fair and democratic processes are followed.

Assistant Returning Officer (ARO)

Each school must have at least one Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) who is responsible for coordinating the election process. More information about the role of the ARO is in the school board manual.

Assistant Returning Officer Training

An electronic training resource has been created for Assistant Returning Officers. This package is available upon request to the Governance and Community Liaison Branch on phone: (02) 6207 6846 or email: .

Election Forms

The following Forms are used for school board elections.

Governance and Assurance Branch can provide support and advice to schools conducting elections.

Casual Vacancy

A casual vacancy occurs when an appointed member resigns from the school board before the completion of their term of appointment e.g. no longer have a child at the school if a parents and citizen member on the school board. The filling of a casual vacancy is for the remainder of the term of office that has been vacated only.

More information about Casual Vacancy is in the School Board manual located on the School Board page.

Governance and Assurance Branch can provide support and advice to schools filling casual vacancies.

Acting Appointments

An Acting Appointment may be required if:

  • an elected member of a board is absent, or is expected to be absent from the ACT
  • a person is unable through illness or other cause to attend meetings of the board, or
  • a person ceases to hold office as an elected member of a board three months or less before the end of his or her term of office.
  • Acting Appointment form Word file type logo (97 kb)
    Acting Appointment form pdf file type logo (407 kb)

Governance and Assurance Branch can provide support and advice to schools processing acting appointments.

Contact and support

All School Board requests and queries should be directed to:

Governance and Community Liaison Branch
Education Directorate
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601
Phone (02) 6207 6846


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