Starting Secondary College

3 college students sitting together

ACT senior secondary colleges cater for students in years 11 and 12. ACT public colleges have proved to be very effective in preparing young people for both work and tertiary education. There are nine senior secondary colleges located across Canberra offering students a wealth of new experiences.

College life is very student centered with students expected to take a greater self-directed approach to their learning. They are expected to make decisions for themselves, to develop maturity and judgment and to set and achieve realistic goals. College students have greater personal responsibility, in consultation with their parents and carers, for the selection of their subjects and their individual timetable of classes. College students are also given greater flexibility to balance the demands of their personal lives, such as work and sporting commitments, with the demands of attending classes and completing assignments.

New students will typically have visited the college while still a high school student and discussed the courses on offer to students. Students are given guidance in arranging courses of study that will best prepare them for careers and further education. Each college develops its own range of courses and students are encouraged to choose courses from all areas of the curriculum to develop a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills.
We have created a short video which features students, principals, teachers and families talking about their experience of moving from high school to college. As student Amel says in the video: “I think the best part of college for me is the whole independence aspect of it and it’s the idea that it is up to you to either excel or to sometimes fail.”

Making the Transition to College
Transcript for the Southside Transitions Video MS Word File (21kb)

Our College Guide with details of each college and a full listing of public colleges, including links to their websites is available here.