What is the Future of Education Project?

The ACT Government is committed to providing the best possible education for every child and young person, regardless of their background or circumstances. You are invited to have an active role in the consultation regarding what we want and need education in the ACT to be and do. This conversation will draw together the current education reforms under one action plan that acknowledge enhanced equity as a constant focus.

Improving an education system is a never-ending process, and is informed by listening to everyone with an interest in making a good system even better. The Future of Education community conversations will bring together the diversity of views into a reference point for future planning.

This is a once in a decade opportunity to have a really close look at where we want to be, and what we need to do to get there – this will be a forward-looking discussion that will draw on a diversity of views to shape the future direction.

The sorts of overarching questions that come to mind are, ‘What do we want from our schools and how do we achieve that?

The opportunity before us is to commit to the development of an ACT-wide future blueprint for education. The time is right for us to be engaging in reflection and blue sky thinking.

The ACT is well-known as a high performing jurisdiction however; we know that to continue in this way, we need to keep adapting to changing circumstances so that we can respond to the needs of all children in reaching their full learning potential, throughout all stages of their development.

This isn’t just about the big things that are or are not working. It’s about small changes that improve the service experience. There is value in seeking out advice from the community on what small changes we could make that could improve service delivery, hearing about the little things and the big things is important.

We need to be an engaging, innovative and collaborative education system that enables the best possible outcomes for children and young people learning in the ACT. The opportunity before us is to commit to the development of an ACT-wide future blueprint for Education that will guide our next steps towards being an even better school system with even stronger outcomes for students.