ACT Vocational Learning Options (VLOs)

ACT Vocational Learning Options (VLOs) are short career education and vocational learning programs offered to young people in years 9, 10, 11 and 12. VLOs aim to connect students with their school, community, learning and the world of work. VLOs focus on achieving outcomes for students that lead to:

  • Better futures - by gaining nationally recognised and valuable VET credentials
  • Successful learning - by learning new knowledge and skills as a product and engagement with learning as a process
  • Personal growth and wellbeing - by increasing self-confidence and career readiness
  • Recognition from community - through public acknowledgement of learning success
  • Contribution to community - by developing core skills for work or employability skills to give back to employers, family and community organisations.

Transitions and Careers Officers (TaCOs) and career development practitioners play a significant role in identifying students who may benefit from participating in a VLO.

For more information about VLOs please contact the VLO Program Manager on 620 70196 or at

student at labStudents stretching at a Fitness Vocational Learning Option