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Years 1 – 2
Lesson 9: Everyone, Everyday can Feel Included!

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  1. Lesson Overview
  2. Australian Curriculum Links
  3. Lesson Plan: Suggested Sequence of Learning Experiences

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1. Lesson Overview

Length of Lesson

Prior Knowledge (What Should the Teacher Have Already Covered)

Resources Required

Key Concepts

Learning Outcomes

Appendix 1

HPE Subject Area Years 1 and 2

General Capabilities by the End of Year 2 (Level 2)

Critical and Creative Thinking

Assessable moments: As students undertake the learning experiences described in the lesson, take note of a range of assessable moments to provide information about student achievement. Ongoing assessment will provide evidence of the extent to which students achieve the identified Australian Curriculum links. Assessable moments are linked to learning outcomes and are identified by the following identifier: assessable moments tickLO (insert number)

3. Lesson Plan: Suggested Sequence of Learning Experiences

Format Lesson Plan: Suggested Sequence of Learning Experiences
Intro 10 mins

Welcoming activity (see lesson 1)

State the learning intention: Today we are going to look back on what we have learned about including everyone, everyday in daily activities, and come up with ideas on how we can all take action to make sure everyone feels included. We will first discuss what we have learned about including people with disability in daily activities, and then record our ideas using words and pictures.

30 minutes

Activity 1: What Ideas Do I Have?

In the Everyone, Everyday program, we have been looking at how important it is to include people with disability in day to day activities. Everyone can make a difference, no matter how big or how small, to make people with disability feel included in their community. Remember, everyone wants to feel included, and we all have the right to feel welcome at our school and in our community whether we have a disability of not.

Let’s look at some ideas of other students about ways to include people with disability.

Refer to book, “101 Ways To Include People With Disability’ to generate discussion.

Words saying small actions times lots of people equals big change.

Task: Students generate ideas and produce a new entry for the book.

To conclude the unit, display the students’ entries in the classroom or elsewhere in the school.

Conclusion and Reflection 5 mins

assessable moments tickLO1 Class discussion - finish with these 2 questions:

What did you learn today?
Why is this important?
What questions do you have?

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