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Year 5 and 6
Lesson 10: Visionary

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  1. Lesson Overview
  2. Australian Curriculum Links
  3. Lesson Plan: Suggested Sequence of Learning Experiences

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1. Lesson Overview

Length of Lesson

Prior knowledge (What Should the Teacher Have Already Covered)

Resources Required

Key Concepts

Learning Outcomes

HPE Subject Area Years 5 and 6

Yr 5 Humanities and Social Sciences Subject Area

Yr 6 Humanities and Social Sciences Subject Area

General Capabilities by the End of Year 6 (Level 4):

Personal and Social Capability
Ethical Understanding
Critical and Creative Thinking

Assessable moments: As students undertake the learning experiences described in the lesson, take note of a range of assessable moments to provide information about student achievement. Ongoing assessment will provide evidence of the extent to which students achieve the identified Australian Curriculum links. Assessable moments are linked to learning outcomes and are identified by the following identifier: Assessable Outcome TickLO (insert number)

3. Lesson Plan: Suggested Sequence of Learning Experiences

Format Lesson Plan: Suggested Sequence of Learning Experiences

1 mins

Go through the homework activity and identify the plan from your state or territory that links to the National Disability Strategy.

State the learning intention: In the last lesson, we looked at how we can identify issues relating to people with disability in our community, and create a plan that gives direction to take action.

We are now going to look at how we can take action both individually and collectively to make a difference. We will be visionary in our thinking! We will all contribute to an activity that showcases what we can all do to make a difference – and get things moving in the right direction – UP!

40 mins

Activity 1: The Sky’s the Limit! Elevating the Community!

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Lesson 10 Activity 1 Word icon (58 kb)

Image of Up Baloon in the sky

Today, we are going to reflect on all we have learned through the Everyone Everyday program, and come up with our own ideas on how we can make a difference. Remember – ‘small changes, BIG DIFFERENCE!’

We are all going to contribute to making a visual spectacular with HOT AIR BALLOONS and carry basket that we will display in our classroom.

The individual balloons will capture your ideas and the ways you can contribute to making a difference, and the basket captures the community.

Class discussion: How is a HOT AIR BALLOON symbolic to what we are learning? (Elevated status of people with disability in our community; if we all contribute, our community gets stronger as we lift off the ground; when balloons burst, our community grows weaker etc). (Reiterate throughout activity).

Assessable Outcome TickLO1 Task: Choose a key concept that we have discussed in the Everyone Everyday program. (Key concepts are provided). Use these as a guide to develop your ideas about what you can do to make a difference, and also think of something our class can do to make a difference.

Dare to Dream – Think Big! The Sky‘s the Limit!


  1. Each student receives their own balloon cut out (template provided if required). Students record their ideas on their balloon stating what they can do to make a difference, and also what the whole class can do to make a difference. Start sentences with “I can …… (individually) and “We can …… (as a class)”.
  2. Attach string to the balloon and then to basket.
  3. Students work in small groups and record examples of the benefits to the community when they become truly inclusive. Record ideas on brown paper bags that can be arranged to resemble a basket. Stick onto a basket outline. Include the word COMMUNITY on the basket to show that this is what the basket represents.
  4. Students and teacher draw stick figures of themselves riding in the basket.
  5. Attach to wall of classroom.

Assessable Outcome TickLO1 Class discussion:

  • What do we need to do to make the basket rise and stay up high? (Attach as many balloons as possible – therefore people are continuing to take action to keep their balloon attached) .
  • What happens to the basket (community) if people stop taking action, and their balloons burst? (Weakening the community, making the community unhealthy, losing sight of the bigger picture, beginning to exclude people from community life) .

Main point to highlight:

  • If everyone contributes to making a difference, we build stronger, healthier communities where everyone benefits.
Conclusion and Reflection
10 mins

Assessable Outcome TickLO1 Class discussion:

What did you learn today?
Why is this important?
What questions do you have?

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