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Financial Assistance

Parents and carers seeking assistance with the financial costs of schooling are encouraged to discuss with their school principal the assistance that may be available to them.

Secondary Bursary Scheme

The ACT Government provides financial assistance to support families with education expenses through the Secondary Bursary Scheme for students in years 7-10 and the Student Support Fund programs.

The scheme provides assistance to low-income earners in the ACT with dependent full-time students in years 7-10.

Information about the Scheme

Custodial parents or guardians who are financially responsible for the student(s) may apply for this benefit. This means the student(s) must be living with the applicant and be financially dependent upon the applicant, or in special government care that is paid for by the applicant.

Students must be studying full-time in the ACT, attend a Public, non-government school or the CIT, or be approved for home schooling.

Students must be in years 7-10 or, if home schooled, be of an age where they would be enrolled in years 7-10.

The bursary is available only to ACT residents. If a post office box is given as a postal address and is the address on your Health Care Card or Centrelink Card, proof of residency in the form of a copy of a current driver's licence, telephone account or other account from a government body should be attached to the application.

Applicants prove low-income status by providing a photocopy of a current Centrelink Card or Health Care Card with means tested payment codes. Applicants having Health Care Cards endorsed 'FO' are not eligible for this scheme. If the card expires before the processing period then an updated copy must be sent as soon as the new card is received to ensure receipt of the next payment.

Bursary Payments

Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained from the following:

For further information, please ring the Bursary Administrator on ph: (02) 62058262.