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Legal Aid for ACT Public Colleges

The Education Directorate has engaged Legal Aid ACT to offer the following free and confidential services to ACT College students and their families:

What matters can a Legal Liaison Officer assist with?

The services provided by Legal Aid ACT are duty services, this means the Legal Liaison Officers in College’s provide information, advice and some limited follow up legal assistance but they do not represent people in court. If the matter is one that requires ongoing assistance or representation in court the Liaison Officer would refer a client to a lawyer within Legal Aid ACT and would support the client to complete the legal aid application as required.

The Legal Liaison Officers can assist with a broad range of matters including:


To see which day a Legal Liaison Officer will be at a specific College please view the calendar PDF File (142kb). Please check the calendar before making a booking.

Make a Booking

To make a booking with a Legal Liaison Officer please click here: