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Support for Teachers including Professional Learning

Staff Wellbeing

The wellbeing of staff is core business for the ACT Education Directorate. Everyone has a duty to safeguard and nurture the personal wellbeing of themselves and others at work. Wellbeing is a major factor in quality, performance, and organisational effectiveness.

The following resources can be of assistance to support staff wellbeing.

Professional Learning

Building teaching excellence through quality professional learning for both our teaching and learning support staff is key to building system capability to better meet the learning and wellbeing needs of all children and young people, including those with complex needs and challenging behaviours, including disability.

Essential Skills for Classroom Teachers

ESCT is a training package in ten Essential Skills defined and explained as essential for good classroom management. The skills include:

Team Teach

Team Teach is a whole school professional learning to support schools in safely responding to challenging and aggressive student behaviour. Team Teach promotes a holistic approach to behaviour supports and interventions through the delivery of school wide skills to support positive teacher-student interactions. Team Teach promotes de-escalation strategies and the reduction of risk and restraint. It supports teaching, learning and caring, by increasing staff confidence and competence in responding to behaviours that challenge, whilst promoting and protecting positive relationships. Positive Behavioural Learning (PBL) approaches are entirely compatible with Team-Teach.

Team-Teach website