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The Education Directorate Dress Standards and Uniforms in Canberra Public Schools policy, procedure and guideline provide direction and advice to schools in developing and implementing school based student dress standards.

A school’s dress standard plays an important role in promoting a positive image of the school and creating a sense of identity among students.
Each ACT public school has a dress standard which for primary and high schools involves a school uniform. In high schools this includes a formal style option, which may be the sole uniform option or offered alongside a less formal option.

The wearing of school uniforms by students can assist to:

Each ACT public school, in conjunction with their school board, develops and implements school student dress standards policy and procedures in partnership with the school community. Primary and high schools will develop strategies to provide affordable options for families and ensure that uniforms are suitable for all students regardless of gender identity, preferred presentation, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, pregnancy or body shape. A key principle for the development of a school based uniform procedure, is school uniforms should promote freedom of choice for all students by categorising options by clothing type, rather than gender.

To view the Dress Standards and Uniforms in Canberra Public Schools Policy and supporting documents please click on the link below.

Wherever possible, schools ensure uniforms are sourced from ethical producers who are committed to an ethical supply chain and publish a list of their factories and suppliers (unless the costs involved are unreasonably expensive for parents and carers). Schools may also wish to encourage their uniform provider to join the Ethical Australia accreditation scheme. For more details see the Go Ethical website:

If you have any questions or comments about the policy please contact your school in the first instance. For further information please contact Student Wellbeing.

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