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Choose Tap Water Fact Sheet

Water is the best thirst quencher and the best option for keeping hydrated. The ACT Government is investing in water refill stations in ACT schools to ensure Canberra's high quality tap water is available to students. Adequate water intake is especially important for growing children.

Why is water so important?

Our bodies are composed of about 60% water and we lose fluid continuously from skin evaporation, breathing and urine. This is increased during warmer weather and during sport and strenuous exercise. These losses must be replaced throughout the day for good health. As the temperature increases, it's important to remember to keep hydrated with water, and to avoid the trap of reaching for a sugary drink to cool down.

When your water intake does not equal your output, you can become dehydrated. Even mild dehydration (loss of 1.5% of normal water volume) can adversely affect mood, energy levels and the ability to concentrate and think clearly.

How are we supporting the use of tap water in schools?

About 20% of our water intake comes from food and the rest from drinks. The ACT Government has phased out the sale of sugary drinks at all public schools in the ACT and is working to ensure that water is the easiest choice available. Tap water is the clear drink of choice in the ACT – for your health, convenience and the environment. It also provides fluoride for good dental health.

The processing, manufacturing, distribution and disposal of sugary drink and non-reusable water containers can take a toll on the environment.

All ACT public primary schools will have two Water Refill Stations installed by the end of 2014 and will be issued with reusable drink bottles for each student. Secondary schools and colleges will receive these by early 2015.

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