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Healthy Living - Healthy Fundraising Options Factsheet

Healthy Fundraising Options

School events and activities are an opportunity to promote and model healthy eating and good nutrition. Children learn from what is going on around them. It is important to promote consistent messages across every area of school, to illustrate to children the importance of being healthy and the development of positive lifelong habits.

The ACT Education Directorate believes that supporting student’s health and wellbeing is a whole community responsibility.

Why Include Fundraising Activities?

Fundraisers offering healthier options complement nutrition and health messages taught in the classroom, reinforce the work of canteens and form part of a supportive environment for children’s health.

The ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy 2015 classifies foods and drinks using a 'traffic light system' in which RED items are not recommenced. RED category foods and drinks may be sold at occasional fetes, fundraisers and school events no more than twice per term.

These exemptions will not total more than 8 per year. Sugary drinks may not be sold at school canteens.

Healthy Food for School Events and Fundraisers:

* The National Healthy School Canteens Guidelines can be used to help choose suitable food items for fundraising. For example, meat product choices will be for leaner meat cuts and low fat mince for BBQs or sausage sizzles, together with grilled vegetables and fruit salad for a complete and healthy meal.

Alternative Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can involve a range of activities that avoid the use of Red foods and drinks. Some examples include:

* Promoting 'essential products and services' rather than 'luxury products' for fundraising, may also put less financial strain on families.

You can contact local businesses to organise a fundraising event and develop partnerships with local industries (e.g. a movie preview night).

Other Healthy Fundraising Ideas

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