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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is a new way of supporting people with disability and can include funding for individual supports. The NDIS is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). The ACT will be the first jurisdiction in Australia to have all eligible residents (including all eligible school students) in the Scheme by July 2016.

Families who have not yet engaged with the NDIS can still do so.

Further information about the NDIS can be obtained from

The NDIS and school education

The ACT Education Directorate has responsibility to ensure students in ACT public schools can access and participate in education on the same basis as other students. Disability Education programs such as Learning Support Units, Specialist Schools and Inclusion Support Program for children with disability within ACT Government schools have not changed as a result of the introduction of the NDIS. Schools are responsible for ensuring students with disability can access both the physical environment and the school curriculum.

The NDIS has responsibility for some of the supports a student may need at school. This can include:

You can speak with your child’s NDIS planner if you think your child needs these types of supports.

Although student transport and personal care are funded by the NDIS, the Education Directorate is continuing to provide these services in the same way they have previously been provided. This is part of the ACT Government’s contribution to funding the Scheme (in-kind services). If a student is eligible to participate in the NDIS and accesses the Special Needs Transport program and/or personal care assistance at school, the cost of these services will appear in the student's NDIS package.

Early intervention services

In the ACT, early intervention services are provided by non-government providers. For more information about the services providers registered in the ACT can be found in the find registered service providers’ tool available in the NDIS webpage.