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Below is the link to the National Assessment Program website and the adjustments for students with a disability. Included are scenarios that can be of assistance when deciding which adjustments can be allowed.

Included on the page is a link to the National Protocols for Test Administration.

For further information relating to adjustments that may be applicable please talk to your child's teacher.

Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS)

The Board of Senior Secondary Studies Equitable Assessment and Special Consideration in Assessment in years 11 and 12 student guide provides information relating to senior Students (Year 11 & 12) in the ACT Public Education System.

The Board of Senior Secondary Studies Policy and Procedures Manual provides more detailed information within this context.

See section 4.3.13: Special Consideration (page 33) and Appendix 3: ACACA Guidelines for assessment quality and equity (page 91) of this document.

For any further enquiries please contact