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Inclusion and Wellbeing

For every child and young person, feeling as though they belong, feeling confident and being engaged fully in their class and school activities is vital to their success at school. ACT public schools aim to create a positive school culture and environment, to help all children and young people feel safe, connected and respected, achieve success and be fully engaged in their learning.


The Education Directorate is committed to inclusive education.

Under the Student Resource Allocation Program, the Directorate is currently reviewing its support for Students with Disability in Canberra public schools. This review focuses on the effectiveness of existing policies, structures, and processes that support students across the system including how Canberra public schools respond to student diversity.


The Education Services Australia Student Wellbeing Hub defines wellbeing as ‘the combination of a person's intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and social health.’

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework is a whole-school approach to wellbeing which aims to help schools create safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities where everyone's wellbeing is important. This leads to:

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