ACT Student Reporting

The Australian Curriculum emphasises the importance of knowledge, understanding, skills and values that will support all young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

The Australian Curriculum has been implemented in ACT public schools in the first four subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science and History for Kindergarten to Year 10 students.

A change to reporting in 2013

In 2013 all ACT public schools student reports for students in Kindergarten to Year 9 will change to include English, Mathematics, Science and History with reference to the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standard for each year level.

Achievement Standards describe what students are typically able to understand and do at each year level.

More information about Achievement Standards, including work samples to help teachers make judgements about student achievement is available on the Australian Curriculum Website External Link The website provides a useful guide to support your child's learning and your understanding of the process.

Year 10 Reporting

For Year 10 students in 2013, teachers will continue to plan, teach and assess using the Australian Curriculum but will apply the same reporting criteria used in 2012. This approach will provide consistency on the 2013 ACT Year 10 Certificate which reports both Years 9 and 10 achievement.

The new report

The new report will be the same across all ACT public schools and use an A-E grade scale for students in Years 1-9.

As is the current practice, Kindergarten students will not receive reports that use an A-E grade scale. Parents will receive information about the Kindergarten Achievement Standard attached to their school-based report.

Additionally, all ACT school-based reports will continue to provide parents and carers with detailed information on the progress of their child. This will include student strengths, areas for further development, strategies to support and/or extend their learning, social development and student involvement in school programs and activities. Information about the student's attitude and commitment to learning is also included.

The mid-year or Semester One report provides a grade for your child that reflects the knowledge, skills and understanding studied so far in the learning area.

Students Currently Exempt from A-E Reporting

There are a small number of students who are currently exempt from A-E reporting requirements. These exemption arrangements are not changed under the new reporting requirements. Your school will advise you if your child is exempt from the A-E reporting requirements.

The A-E Report Format

Your child's report will list a grade for each subject studied. The number of A-E grades given to students in each year level will also be included as part of your child's report.

The following A-E descriptors will appear on the report:

  • A demonstrating excellent achievement of what is expected
  • B demonstrating a high achievement of what is expected
  • C demonstrating satisfactory achievement of what is expected
  • D demonstrating partial achievement of what is expected
  • E demonstrating limited achievement of what is expected

Reporting Student Achievement in ACT Public Schools

A Guide for Parents and Carers provides further information: