For Students

Take up the Challenge and read great books that interest you.

To meet the Challenge:

  1. Read 15 books before 8 September 2017.
  2. Collect a Individual Student Reading Record PDF File (122 kb) from your teacher or download a copy from our website. Each time you complete a book; don't forget to add it to your reading record. Alternatively, record the books you have read on your online Google Individual Reading Record template or Google Whole Class Reading Record (ask your teacher if they have created one of these documents for your class using the templates provided).
  3. When you have finished reading a book, ask a parent, carer or teacher to initial/verify your entry.
  4. When you have finished reading all 15 books and have recorded them, give your completed Individual Student Reading Record to your teacher who will give it to the school contact person for the Challenge. If you are recording your books online through Google Apps, your teacher may submit your Reading Record for you.

For Teachers

  1. Ensure your school has registered for the Challenge via the online School Registration Formexternal link . The contact staff member will receive information about the Challenge and alerts about updates to the website from the CMRC mailbox.
  2. Distribute the Individual Student Reading Record pdf icon(122 kb) for each student OR if your school has access to Google Apps for Education, use the online templates - Google Individual Reading Record template or Google Whole Class Reading Record Template. These editable templates will allow you to create personalised class document/s for your students to access and record their books online. If you would like to access the Google template, please email for further details and instructions.
  3. Collect Student Reading Records from students who have successfully completed the Challenge (or print your Google Individual/Whole Class Reading Record) in early September. Give the Reading Record/s to the contact staff member for your school who will collate the information on the online School Verification Form External link.
  4. The completed School Verification Formexternal link must be submitted no later than 22 September 2017.