Civics and Citizenship Education

Civics and Citizenship Education (CCE) promotes knowledge skills and values to prepare students to become informed and active citizens who participate in Australia's democracy.

Teaching about CCE occurs in all Australian schools as guided by the National Statements of Learning for Civics and Citizenship. Sample assessment occurs every three years for students in years 6 and 10 to assess students against the national framework. The most recent assessment was held in 2006. From this, a national report External Linkwas developed.

The content of the National Statements of Learning for Civics and Citizenship is included in Every Chance to Learn- Curriculum framework for ACT schools. The Curriculum Support section supports ACT schools to implement CCE.

National information, including the Discovering Democracy resources, teacher lessons, student investigations and sample CCE assessment tasks can be accessed at Civics and Citizenship Education.External Link