Suspension, Transfer or Exclusion of Students in ACT Public Schools Policy Review

The ACT Education Directorate is seeking feedback on the review of the Suspension, Transfer or Exclusion of Students in ACT Public Schools Policy and related documents. This policy supports the provisions in Section 36 of the Education Act 2004 relating to the suspension, transfer or exclusion of students in ACT public schools.

The revised policy is underpinned by current research and aims to support the facilitation of safe and supportive learning environments. It includes a greater focus on a prevention and early intervention approach to behaviour support to reduce the incidence of behaviours that potentially lead to suspension, exclusion and transfer.

The revised policy aligns with current research which raises the need to look at alternatives to out of school suspension due to the limited effectiveness of suspension in achieving positive educational and behavioural outcomes for some students.

The consultation is open until the end of August. All input will be considered and will help us to ensure the revised policy documents are clear, current and relevant to meet the needs of schools and the community.

Suggestion for providing feedback: Please include your comments and suggestions in an email and forward to

We have also provided a form which can be used to record your input and attached to your email if it is helpful.

Education staff are available to explain the policy documents and record feedback from individuals who would prefer to provide this verbally. Individuals wishing to use this alternative should contact Colette Brown on 6207 0457 or - Colette will arrange a time for verbal input to be provided either by phone or in a face to face meeting.

Additional Information

Section 36 of the Education Act 2004 and the Education Directorate’s Safe and Supportive Schools Policy may provide additional information relevant to this policy review.