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Professional Conduct

Our staff are integral to the delivery of our quality educational services. Each of us strive for the highest standards of professional behaviour in our workplace.

All staff in our directorate, not just teachers, hold a special position of trust and have a 'duty of care' to our students.

The Code of Conduct for Teachers, School Leaders and Principals and Code of Conduct for School Based Staff developed by the directorate

in partnership with the AEU, outlines expectations of professional and ethical conduct for school based staff  and provides a guide for professional practice. All staff are expected to have read, understood and abide by the code.

The standards for public sector conduct are outlined in section 9 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 .

The ACT Public Service Code of Ethics booklet applies to all ACT public employees. These requirements should be understood and applied by all staff. They contribute to good decision-making and assist in maintaining the high reputation and standing of the ACT Public Service in the ACT community.