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Support for New Educators

New educators are supported during the early years of their career through a variety of programs. One of the first information sessions is centrally organised Induction which provides the opportunity to meet departmental officers and receive introductory information about the department and support programs for new educators.

Teachers in their first three years also participate in a New Educator Support Program in week 5 of every term. This program aims to support new educators in establishing themselves in the classroom and developing as a professional. These sessions provide information from appropriate experts and allow time for reflection and sharing of experiences by participants.

New educators receive an allowance of 15 days classroom release over their first three years to support their professional development. The way in which these days are used will be negotiated between the new educator and their school coordinator/principal.

Professional Learning

You can access the professional learning calendar website.

Career Opportunities

The Department is a collegially based system. Applicants in the annual classroom teacher recruitment round are initially assessed through a merit process by panels of classroom teachers and school leaders. Principals select applicants from this assessed pool for vacancies in their schools. School Leaders assess applicants for school and office based promotions positions through a merit assessment process. School based teaching staff are able to apply for office based teaching positions.

New Educators are often given opportunities within their schools and the system to share leadership roles on committees or to demonstrate their organisational skills when planning events.

Teachers are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their professional growth through involvement in the Professional Pathways (performance appraisal) process.