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Information about Applying for Employment as a School Psychologist

Completing Your Application for Employment as a School Psychologist

General Information


Your application must provide sufficient evidence of your qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience in order to gain employment. Your application must include academic transcripts and professional references and/or performance reports.

Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae contains your personal details, your professional experience and your qualifications. It may also contain achievements, awards or honours, affiliations with professional associations, presentations, publications and professional learning.

Professional Framework

A selection panel will assess the evidence you provide against the framework in order to determine your relative merit in comparison with other applicants.


At interview the selection panel will ask questions based on the Professional Framework. The panel may also seek clarification of information included in the application.


Applicants should select referees who have supervised their work. It is important that the referees are aware of your application for employment as a school psychologist.

The Recruitment Process

Professional Framework

Applicants are required to submit a maximum of four pages (12 point font) statement addressing the domains of the Professional Framework (criteria) and describe relevant counselling qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience. The application should include examples of professional knowledge, professional practice, professional relationships and professional attributes that best demonstrate achievement in the school setting or another relevant counselling environment. The statement should reflect the ACT Education Directorate’s commitment to achieving quality learning outcomes for all students.

Professional Knowledge  

Professional Practice

Professional Relationships

Professional Attributes