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Casual Building Service Officers (BSO)

1. Overview

Application for Casual Building Service Officers (BSO)

Applications for employment as Casual Building Service Officers (BSO) are welcomed throughout the year. Approvals are granted for the duration of an employees Working with Vulnerable People (WwVP) registration period.

All applicants seeking casual employment must meet Directorate approval requirements before they may commence. This involves providing proof of current Working with Vulnerable People Check registration, proof of Asbestos Awareness training and providing certain documents. The documents required are listed in the application form and all completed documents must be provided before the approval process can proceed.

All required supporting identification documents must be certified true copies (please do not supply original documents) - full details of persons authorised to certify documents can be found within the application pack.

Working with Vulnerable People Registration - Access Canberra

The ACT Government has established the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (WwVP).Employees and volunteers who have contact with children in ACT schools (public and private) are captured under the regulated activity `child education services` and was effective as of 7 November 2013. This registration is completed by Access Canberra. Further details about registering can be found at: Access Canberra website.

Asbestos Awareness Training

All applicants must provide evidence of the Asbestos Awareness Training, prior to commencement. Further details for this training may be found at the Worksafe website.

Pre-employment Medical Clearance

Prior to approval of employment, an applicant is required to undergo a pre-employment medical assessment. This assessment is at the cost of the Directorate and not the applicant. If/when a request for registration is in the final stages of completion, contact will be made with the applicant to organise the medical assessment.

2. Registration Process

If you:

Further enquiries can be made via email: or by phoning (02) 6205 5000.

Completed applications must be returned via email to

3. Renewal of Registration Process

All Casual Building Service Officers (BSO) staff registrations within the ACT Education Directorate (EDU) cease on the expiry of their WwVP registration. Applications for Renewal of casual registration must to be submitted to the Directorate's HR People Services.

Maintaining these registrations is an individual responsibility. Employment cannot accept/be offered by/to an employee without all the required registrations (including (EDU)).

Information on how to renew your current registration is located on your School Staffing Integrated Management System (SiMS) profile, under “My Request for Renewal”.

Renewal form is also available below:

Please note: If your Casual/Temporary Registration has lapsed for a period of 3 months or more, you must complete and submit all pages 1-4; sections 1-17 in the above application package. The purpose of this package is to collect the minimum information required to process your request for payment of salary as details of employee may have changed within the previous registration period.

Further enquiries can be made via email: or by phoning (02) 6205 5000.

4. Application for 2nd AGS number - Additional Casual/Temporary Employment

If an employee falls under one of the below four categories, an Application for 2nd AGS number - Additional Casual/Temporary Employment request must be submitted;

  1. A current part-time employee (either permanent or temporary officer) applying for additional casual employment;
  2. A current employee on approved Leave without Pay (LWOP);
  3. A current employee on approved Long Service Leave (LSL) at ½ pay or
  4. A retired/resigned employee (last 3 years) seeking a new casual AGS number for casual employment.

Please note: All forms; pages 1-4; sections 1-17 of the below application package along with a copy of my WwVP card must be completed and submitted. The purpose of this package is to collect the minimum information required to process your request. In addition a new casual employee profile must be created for payment; as different salary rates and entitlements apply.

Further enquiries can be made via email: or by phoning (02) 6205 5000.

Casual Building Service Officers (BSO) Salary

Salary is paid at a daily (or hourly) rate. Please see the Directorate’s current Building Service Officers (BSO) agreement: ACT Public Sector Infrastructure Services Enterprise Agreement.

The daily and hourly rates of pay represent total entitlements in relation to casual employment except for the possibility of the accrual of a long service leave entitlement (all periods of employment accumulate to count towards eligibility for long service leave purposes, provided there is no break in service of greater than 12 months), and the minimum required percent superannuation benefit. Casual Building Service Officers (BSO) paid at casual rates do not have entitlement to personal leave, maternity leave, recreation leave, stand-down with pay or to payment for public holidays. For more information on salary, please contact the Shared Services Pay Team on (02) 6207 9000 or email