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Casual Teachers

1. Overview

Application for Casual Teaching

Applications for casual teaching are welcome throughout the year. All teaching registrations within the ACT Education Directorate (EDU) are valid for the period of their Working with Vulnerable People Check (WwVP) registration and/or Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) cease date of 31 March of every year (whichever comes first).

All teachers seeking casual employment must meet the Directorate’s requirements before they can commence in a teaching position. Proof of a current ACT teacher registration, proof of a current WwVP registration, providing certified pre-employment documents, The documents required are listed in the application form and all documentation must be provided before the application can be processed. For recognition of prior service please see information relating to teaching qualifications and Statements of Service from previous employers and submit all relevant additional documentation.

All supporting identification documents must be certified copies (please do not supply original documents) – a full details of persons authorised to certify documents can be found within the application pack.

Working with Vulnerable People Registration (WwVP) - Access Canberra

The ACT Government has established the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (WwVP). Employees and volunteers who have contact with children in an ACT school (public and private) are captured under the regulated activity 'child education services' which came into effect from 7 November 2013. Further details about registrations can be found at: Access Canberra website.

Teacher Registration - ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI)

The ACT Government established the Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) under the Teacher Quality National Partnership to build the professional standing of ACT teachers and to enhance the community’s confidence in the teaching profession through professional regulation and practical initiatives to raise teacher quality. enhance the standard of the teaching profession in the ACT. Under the provisions of the ACT Teacher Quality Institute Act 2010, TQI has responsibility to register or grant permission to teach to all ACT teachers. All other states and the Northern Territory have a similar teacher regulatory body and require teachers to be registered or accredited with this body. For further about registering can be found at the Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) website.

2. Registration Process

  • Step 1: Obtain Working with Vulnerable People registration from Access Canberra.
  • Step 2: Register with ACT Teacher Quality Institute TQI Website
  • Step 3: Apply for registration

If you:

  • have not previously worked with the Directorate or
  • have not worked with the Directorate for a period of three years, please complete the below application package

Application to Register as a Classroom Teacher digital 2020.docx (139kb)

Further enquiries can be made via e-mail or by phone 02 62055000

Please Note: The Directorate also advertises permanent employment opportunities through the ACT Public Service jobs website and we encourage you to check this website regularly.

3. Renewal of Registration Process

All teaching registrations within the ACT Education Directorate (EDU) are valid for the period of their WwVP registration and/or the TQI cease date of 31 March of every year (whichever comes first).

Maintaining these registrations is an individual’s responsibility. Employment cannot be accepted or be offered by/to an employee without all the required documents and registrations (including (EDU)

Information on how to renew your current registration is located on your School Staffing Integrated Management System (SiMS) profile, under “My Request for Renewal” SiMS

The renewal form is also available below:

Please note: If your Casual/Temporary Registration has lapsed for a period of 3 months or more, you must complete and submit all pages 1-4; sections 1-17 in the above application package. This is the minimum information required to process your request for payment of salary as details of employee’s may have changed within the previous registration period.

Further enquiries can be made via email: or by phoning (02) 6205 5000.

4. Application for 2nd AGS number - Additional Casual/Temporary Employment

If an employee falls under one of the below four categories, an Application for 2nd AGS number - Additional Casual/Temporary Employment request must be submitted;

  • A current part-time employee (either permanent or temporary officer) applying for additional casual employment;
  • A current employee on approved Leave without Pay (LWOP);
  • A current employee on approved Long Service Leave (LSL) at ½ pay or
  • A retired/resigned employee (last 3 years) seeking a new casual AGS number for casual employment.

Please note: All forms; pages 1-4; sections 1-17 of the below application package along with a copy of my WwVP card must be completed and submitted. The purpose of this package is to collect the minimum information required to process your request. In addition a new casual employee profile must be created for payment; as different salary rates and entitlements apply.

Further enquiries can be made via email: or by phoning (02) 6205 5000.

Casual Teaching Salary

Salary is paid at a daily (or hourly) rate, depending on qualifications status and years of completed teaching experience. Please see the Directorate’s current (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement: Teacher Enterprise Agreement.

The daily and hourly rates of pay represent total entitlements in relation to casual employment except for the possibility of the accrual of a long service leave entitlement (all periods of employment accumulate to count towards eligibility for long service leave purposes, provided there is no break in service of greater than 12 months), and the minimum required percent superannuation benefit. Teachers paid at casual rates do not have entitlement to personal leave, maternity leave, recreation leave, stand-down with pay or to payment for public holidays.

Recognition of Prior Service for Salary/Leave Purposes

In certain circumstances, recognition of previous periods of service with specified organisations may contribute to the determination of salary increment and/or leave entitlements.

There are two processes for recognition of prior service as follows:

  1. Recognition of prior service for Teacher salary increment – this process is managed by the Directorate. Guidelines for Incremental Salary Advancement and Application for Recognition of Prior Service and/or Additional Qualifications are located on the Directorate’s website at
  2. Recognition of prior service for Leave entitlements (long service leave and personal leave) – this process is managed by the ACTPS Shared Services Centre. Information on Recognition of Prior Service for long service leave and personal leave including sample forms and letters are located on the Shared Services website at

Statement of Service

For the recognition of prior service for salary purposes, an applicant must provide appropriate evidence. This evidence is in the format of a Statement of Service. A Statement of Service is the official record of your teaching or other relevant employment within an organisation recognised by the ACT Education Directorate. This includes all state school services, most private school services and some overseas employment authorities

A Statement of Service must indicate:

  • the official letterhead of a recognised employing authority
  • the date of commencement
  • the date of cessation
  • any/all leave without pay including the total number of days taken, if nil this must be indicated
  • where the employment was; and whether full-time or part-time
  • if part-time the total number of days/hours or type of fraction and
  • signed and dated by the employing authority.

Salary increments are awarded for each completed year (200 X 6 hour days) of recognised teaching and/or each completed two or three year period for teaching/other experience in an educational institution/school industry.

It is, therefore, essential that appropriate evidence of previous teaching or other employment is provided to ensure, as far as is possible, an accurate assessment of salary status. Your prior teaching service or other employment will only be recognised from the date an official Statement of Service, meeting all the above requirements, is received by the Directorate. It is your responsibility to provide this evidence from employers other than the Directorate.

Please note: No back adjustment of salary will be made for any period of employment undertaken at a lower rate of salary where no Statement of Service or an incomplete statement were provided.

Casual Teacher Qualification Requirements including Overseas Qualifications and English Language Proficiency

To be eligible to be employed as a casual teacher in the ACT you must have current registration or approval to teach with the ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI).

Teacher qualifications and English language proficiency will be assessed by the TQI in accordance with their regulations. Please refer to the TQI web-site for details of the registration process and to access the online registration application.

Further details about registering Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) website.

Long Term Temporary (contract) or Permanent Employment

Please forward all enquiries for long term temporary or permanent employment to HR People Services at or phone (02) 6205 5000.