International Students

The Education Directorate (ETD)embraces cultural diversity and is proud to host international students from manycountries in our schools and colleges.

Students in Canberra enjoy a balancededucation with opportunities for intellectual, sporting and culturaldevelopment. International students are made particularly welcome, with highquality Government education in a safe, friendly and multicultural city.

All schools offer high quality learning inmodern, well-equipped and supportive environments. Our schools have a range ofprograms specifically designed to meet the needs of international students withthe ability to individually tailor student programs.

Government schooling in Canberra is leadingthe way in preparing young people for the opportunities and challenges of lifein the 21st century. With one of the best government education systems in thecountry, government school students consistently rate as the best educated inAustralia and among the brightest in the world. An international education inCanberra sets students apart from their peers and provides multiple pathways tosuccess.

The International Education Unit (IEU) isresponsible for the enrolment of international students and the dependants oftemporary residents from Pre School to Year 12 into all government schools inCanberra.

Why Canberra?

Canberra is:

  • A safe, friendly, attractive, convenient andmulticultural environment in which to study and live.
  • The home of a government school system notedfor its excellence due to the wide range of high quality programs conducted ina caring and supportive environment.
  • The safest capital city in the world.
  • The provider of the best of both city andcountry living, offering world class sporting, recreation and leisurefacilities, attractive scenery, a range of tourist attractions and a vibrantand diverse lifestyle.

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