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Non-Government Schools

The Australian Capital Territory's non-government school sector consists of schools from a range of educational and/or religious philosophies. The variety of schools in the sector reflects the diversity of the community in the ACT and caters for the preferences of parents for a particular style of education for their children.

There are 47 non-government schools comprising 18 independent schools and 29 Catholic systemic schools registered to operate in the ACT. A list of all non-government schools in the ACT may be found on the Non-government Schools page.

ACT non-government schools are registered in accordance with the Education Act 2004 which requires non-government schools to be registered or provisionally registered before operating as a school or commencing the education of a child at any educational level.

Information about approval and registration processes for ACT non-government may be found in the ACT Non-government School 2015 Registration Manual.

Information about ACT Non-government Schools may be obtained by contacting:

Non-government Education
Education Directorate
Online: ACT Education Directorate Contact Form